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  1. ALittleNerd

    Jun Akiyama and his contribution to Kingdom Hearts 1

    Do you know if he's actively involved in Kingdom Hearts 3's development?
  2. ALittleNerd

    Patch 1.02 now available for KH 1.5+2.5!

    I'm so glad, while I was initially disappointed that Square would have released the game with this many issues, like they didn't play test it at all. But the fact that they ARE fixing it helps make up for it. So long as they don't stop here, cause there are still some other issues.
  3. ALittleNerd

    Concert Music: Heroes and Heroines... and Vanitas?

    For those who haven't heard, the first Kingdom Hearts World Tour Concert has performed in Tokyo Japan, and the songs have dropped on YouTube. They're beautiful, here's the playlist if you wish to hear it before reading this: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhcSrKyqhfh4S32J8khP4X1xu7fw_7eK9...
  4. ALittleNerd

    Sora's Voice

    Saw the new 2.8 trailer, and it's... alright. But am I the only one concerned about Haley Joel Osment's performance as Sora? Like his acting in DDD was just off, and in the new trailer just now, "I'm back!" It doesn't sound right to me. Like he's trying way too hard to sound like KH2 Sora when...
  5. ALittleNerd

    Riku vs Roxas

    Riku may have been hesitant to injure Roxas since he's the only way Sora could be awakened.
  6. ALittleNerd

    Ventus's eyes

    Wow you're right, I hadn't noticed the black eyebrows. Well that supports the theory that it really was intentional, with such a discrete detail be Vanitas's signature color. But I will say the symbolism here's a bit odd. They could have had one eye be blue and the other yellow, or maybe just...
  7. ALittleNerd

    Ventus's eyes

    In the new 0.2 opening (it's great by the way) there's a particular part I wanted to point out and that's the fight scene concerning Ventus while he's being possessed by Vanitas. His eyes are still blue, their normal color, but shouldn't they be yellow like Terra's? Why the change? Plot...
  8. ALittleNerd

    Watch the KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Opening!

    It's weeeird though, seeing three freaking Xehanorts, but it does make sense.
  9. ALittleNerd

    Why was Marluxia the lord of the castle?

    Why'd Axel kill Vexen again?
  10. ALittleNerd

    Why was Marluxia the lord of the castle?

    He may have sent him there on purpose to just get rid of Marluxia, Axel knew about the betrayal and was sent there to "seek out the traitors". Basically kill them. So he probably didn't want him to come back.
  11. ALittleNerd

    So I wanna get into Persona...

    Ok so, I tried finding a good forum specifically for Persona and couldn't find one. So I'm just going to leave this here in the Community Lounge of a forum I do know, and hope I'll get a reaction. Please forgive me if I'm not using this thread correctly, I've never posted on this part of the...
  12. ALittleNerd

    The Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DAYS HD Remake

    What I heard was that they're keeping the story for it the same, but making the gameplay and mechanics more like KH2.
  13. ALittleNerd

    The Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DAYS HD Remake

    Ok, there's been something that's caught my eye lately and I felt the need to share it. Apparently, there's been this project going on, mainly on YouTube, for the past few months of what was originally 2, but now 6 game developers making a 358/2 HD fan game. They've released a small cutscene...
  14. ALittleNerd

    A great concern of mine

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming, and it has a lot riding on it. Many are optimistic that it'll turn out great, and I also want to look at it with that optimism. But there's something that's been worrying me, and that's the speed I've been seeing the characters moving at lately. It sounds very...
  15. ALittleNerd

    Are keyblades alive?

    It's been stated that Sora got his keyblade because it 'chose' him. And that he got it on the island because it, as Young Xehanort puts it in Dream Drop Distance, 'Moved down the list' of candidates. It officially 'chose' Sora later in the first game at Hollow Bastion, making it his and that's...
  16. ALittleNerd

    The Raft

    I imagine them returning disappointed and then trying to build a plane XD
  17. ALittleNerd

    The Raft

    In Kingdom Heats 1, the trio Sora, Riku and Kairi planed to go sailing in a tiny little raft into the ocean to go see new worlds. Course we know this never ends up happening cause Ansem comes in and destroys the island. BUT (and this is just speculation) what if Ansem HADN'T of come and...
  18. ALittleNerd

    Time Travel Explained

    Here's my question though. Are the Xehanort vessels, or the 13 darkness's that Master Xehanort needs for the X-blade, the VERY same people from the past, or are they clones of the people from the past? Like Young Master Xehanort. If he's here in the present time fighting with Sora and the gang...
  19. ALittleNerd

    A Love Interest for RIku

    I think It'd be nice if Riku got a love interest in Kingdom Hearts 3. I mean if Riku's gonna be traveling around looking for this 'key to return hearts' or whatever, he's bound to run into some nice looking ladies right? He deserves some love, maybe a disney princess or something. Like that...
  20. ALittleNerd

    where can I find HD khinsider 1.5 videos on youtube?

    Look up Everglow on Youtube. That's the best place for anything Kingdom Hearts.