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  1. MandoKeyMaster

    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    You pretty much summed it up. No further comment.
  2. MandoKeyMaster

    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    Oops, double post. Move along, slow computer.
  3. MandoKeyMaster

    KH: BBS Aqua Hair and Age

  4. MandoKeyMaster

    KH: BBS Aqua Hair and Age

    Discussing age, it's presumable that Ven is 15. Terra is in his very late teens at most (18-19). And for some odd reason, the Disney Wiki states that Aqua is 17. Sounds about right, but thats up to Nomura-san. Discussing hair ... Ven should remain the same. I'm torn between Terra keeping his...
  5. MandoKeyMaster

    Dengeki Online Award Rankings

    Sweet. Aqua's really getting the fanbase.
  6. MandoKeyMaster

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    I recognized Notre Dame instantly, but I freaked about Castle of Dreams because I went into overload mode. My B on that one. As for the other dude who had the theory on .5, I have to agree with ya on that. Nomura calls BBS "Episode 0" and the secret ending is called "Zero point", then KH1 is 1...
  7. MandoKeyMaster

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    ==SPOILER ALERT== WHOA WHOA WHOA Birth by Sleep 2?!?! That caslte in RoD?!?! And what the hell is Red-Eye's identity?!?! Re:Coded and BBSFM I have yet to see, but now 3D (already knew of) and BBS2?!?! Lord help me, I have to see the Secret Episode in full, then watch this again. Damn, Aqua...
  8. MandoKeyMaster

    BBSfm site update

    If Red-Eye isn't Vanitas (Most likely his Remnant), then this character is obviously the Makuta from Bionicle. Sulks in the darkness, scheming to counquor the universe, always tormenting people with halluciations of his face (more his eyes). That would be pretty bada$$ actually, Aqua and Teridax...
  9. MandoKeyMaster

    New BBSFM Secret Episode scan.

    Nah, that's just the Makuta stalking Aqua lol. You know how that guy is, always having a plan to take over the universe and unleashing hell onto the world.
  10. MandoKeyMaster

    No Heart Armor decides it all

    NOmura said that No Heart is just revived data of the armor used for the Mirage Arena. Sorry, theory debunked
  11. MandoKeyMaster

    First screen of the Secret Episode (Aqua vs Heartless)

    Finally, Eraqus Keyblade will have a legit name! And the Darkballs are back! Just throw in a few Bit Snipers and an Invisible, and we're good to go. Oh, and Neoshadows!
  12. MandoKeyMaster

    What if Sora and Riku get armor?

    The armor worked out for LS/Terra, No Heart, Armor of the Master, and Aqua. Not Ven ... ugh. Riku could go for armor, or he could stick with the black coat. As for Sora, I think his absorbing of Xion (via Roxas) may have granted him her armor. If not, then stick to the gummi ships. IMO, I...
  13. MandoKeyMaster

    Will Sora be in the secret ending for FM? Will it be action based?

    Secret boss as playable character in secret episode.
  14. MandoKeyMaster

    jump festa 2011 BBSFM trailer is here

    I am concerned about how all of this fits in the timeline and the identity of Vanitas Remnant, Armor of the Master, No Heart, and Mysterious Figure.
  15. MandoKeyMaster


    Gosh freakin darn it! First it's Vanitas Remnant, then we get the Mysterious Figure, now they get Monstro, No Heart, and Armor of the Master (not including Unversed challenges). Man, the secret episode better shed some light on these guys; identity and timeline placement to be exact.
  16. MandoKeyMaster

    Birth By Sleep FINAL MIX: Cast your opinion on Who the Mysterious Figure might be!

    Tetsuya Nomura (similar to Hideo Kojima in MGS) or some manifestation of Xehanort.
  17. MandoKeyMaster

    Famitsu pics and info - BbS Final Mix

    I knew there was going to be a new boss and secret movie with FM. Predictable. Has anyone else noticed the clouded background and ruined castle in the armored figure's pic? This means this takes place after the destruction of LoD, so that man in the armor has to be Eraqus' LS, hands down.
  18. MandoKeyMaster

    The Making of KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep - A few words from the Director

    SPOILER!!!! SPOILER!!!! YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Mysterious Figure YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Mysterious Figure It's crazy since it was posted only a few hours ago!
  19. MandoKeyMaster

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread Kirk Thornton then? He is said to do various voices, so that is a possiblity
  20. MandoKeyMaster

    i think i know who this new boss is....

    Before the Land of Departure falls into darkness via MX, keep that in mind. So it can't be some manifestation of MX's, Terra's, and ME's hearts. All I can say is that it has some sort of connection to Xehanort.