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  1. mykatsuki

    3/29 Famitsu Cover!

    I luv riku in cgi! i want this issue just for the cover haha
  2. mykatsuki

    Dream Drop Distance Debuts in Nintendo Power

    wait im confused...is this nintendo power from japan or north america..cus I read that nintendo power comes out nxt wk in north america
  3. mykatsuki

    v jump magazine help

    so the news r that kh3d will be featured in v jump march 29...i know this website where they sell japanese magazines to overseas countries and they have v jump...i would like to buy it but according to the website, it says it comes out march 21. if i get it, will it still have the kingdom hearts...
  4. mykatsuki

    Photos of 10th Anniversary 3D+Days+Re:coded Box!

    yea i know i actually realized that after i pressed enter haha, since i saaw the japanese kh 3ds i really liked it but i cnt get it since if i do, i wnt b able to play my game haha
  5. mykatsuki

    Photos of 10th Anniversary 3D+Days+Re:coded Box!

    ok now im really hoping and praying this comes overseas...i can totaly return my other ds kh games for this box set, and mayb even sale my 3ds for the kh one, if it does make over here...looks awsome!!
  6. mykatsuki

    Scan of The Grid in Latest Jump Magazine!

    cnt wait to play this game im so excited already!! ok seriusly, were can i buy the v jump magazine? according to a website that sels japanese magazines to usa, it will b released on the 21, not 29 as it was said here before, im confused
  7. mykatsuki

    KH3D Issue of V-Jump Coming Out 3/29!

    i found a place but it says v jump gets released on the 21 of march not 29 of march...my friend buys her magazines from cd japan and thets where they also sell v jump. i really want this issue so i could look over the kh3d pages and cover