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  1. ~Kairi~

    If Master Xehanort is the main villian....

    Are you talking about the original Xehanort? (the bald one haha) If so, Correct me if I am wrong here. There are spoilers if you have not played all the games. For one, Yes, the games were not fully planned out at first. However, Xehanort takes over Terra's body in Birth By Sleep. So you never...
  2. ~Kairi~

    Music you'd like to hear rearranged for 0.2

    Birth By Sleep has some of my favorite music from the Series, so I am really looking forward to any tunes they remaster from that. Specifically though, Ventus and Aqua's theme. Really do love Silent forest as well.
  3. ~Kairi~

    Returning member :D

    Hello everyone! My name is Michelle. I am not new. I first joined this forum after KHII came out. I was never an extremely active poster (as you can see I have not even broke 100 posts), but I always came around when new things happened. After 9 years (wow I feel old), I would like to get a...
  4. ~Kairi~

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Promo poster

    A friend of mine works at the GS near me and is giving it to me once they don't need it anymore =D. I didn't even ask she just knows how much I love Kingdom Hearts. Definitely go and ask. They have nothing to do with it after anyway. Can't see why they wouldn't give it away.
  5. ~Kairi~

    News ► Demo Gameplay of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Shown at PLAY the PlayStation!

    I did not know that they were redoing some tracks! That just boasted my excitement. I cannot wait this is seriously a dream come true.
  6. ~Kairi~

    Birth by Sleep: PSP-3000 Bundle

    I just got my bundle yesterday to =D unfortunately for me the PSP that came with it is having some problems so I have to send it in to get it fixed, its nothing major so I may wait in till after I beat the game. Nice video I wish I could have got a decal =[
  7. ~Kairi~


    Definately Rikus. I also found the story more interesting.
  8. ~Kairi~

    Most hated Organization Member

    Demyx, and Larxene are my least favorites, but especially Larxene, she makes me want to throw my controller.
  9. ~Kairi~

    Aqua,ven,terra VS mx & ds!

    I voted Terra because his life bar is huge. 2nd place for me would be Aqua.
  10. ~Kairi~

    Most fun boss to fight?

    Axel fight were def another favorite of mine.
  11. ~Kairi~

    Most fun boss to fight?

    Really? I found him easier to beat then alot of others, but not that easy.
  12. ~Kairi~

    How much do YOU know about KHII?

    I know alot about Kingdom hearts, and like you I have spend time trying to learn all about it and become an expert on it, but I also play other games like final fantasy, and resident evil. I know alot about those games to, but I do admit that I do spend more time with Kingdom Hearts. It's cool...
  13. ~Kairi~

    Most fun boss to fight?

    My favorite fight was sephiroth. It was a great challenge.
  14. ~Kairi~

    The biggest challenge!!!

    I never tried that, but it sounds impossible.
  15. ~Kairi~

    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    Ya that would be awsome. I am going to make my own sea salt icecream to it looks yummy :)
  16. ~Kairi~

    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Vexen. He really annoys me
  17. ~Kairi~

    Who's hair is better?

    I love them all, but my favorite would have to be sora's.
  18. ~Kairi~


    Hi everyone I’m Michelle I have been a huge fan of KH since the first game. I never thought of joining a forum but I said to myself I need to talk to some people who love KH as much as me.
  19. ~Kairi~

    collest boss

    KH1-Riku KH2- Axel (as Roxas)