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    Hey everyone..for some reason, I can't get summon to work, I have all the Orbs, like Jenie's, Stich's and others...but I can never summon, I don't know why, but I tried everything in game and it still didn't let me. Also, I heard u get to make ur own keyblade? IS that really TRUE? If so, where...
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    hey ya'll

    Your not alone man...I haven't gotten it yet, but hopefully i can get it tomorrow.. :D
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    The official KH 2 Site!

    how do u download the songs? i click on the links, and it just takes me to quicktime and it just plays...on the site.
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    Well actually u can, just get hit a lot, and wallah! you'll be in anti-form when you use it again.
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    Sora's New Magic

    yeye, I messed up. but that's what I meant, so thanks for repyling...:rolleyes:
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    Sora's New Magic

    Well.....Aero could absorb enemy attacks and when you got to aeroga, when you got hit, you wouldn't get damage at all; but this reflects, meaning when you get hit by enemies, their attacks will bounce right back off. :rolleyes:
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    I Previewed Kingdom Hearts 2!

    Where have the people who actually went to SD to play the demo been? Was it all lies??? hmm..
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    strategy guide with pre-order?

    go to google.com type in Kingdom Hearts 2 then on the product search it should be on of those sites...I've seen it before but I dont remember which one it is. good luck
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    I have a question to ask all you

    Why in the world would you read the strategy guide first???? If I was supposedly stuck at some part, then I would look in the guide, but reading it before even playing the game, thats just wack. IT RUINS THE FUN OUTA THE GAME IF U DO THAT!
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    KHU V-JUMP Details

    LOL that is absolutely right. LMFAO
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    Sora is Hotter

    LOL, they're girls who like him, not guys. Stop flaming!
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    Wheres the book?

    Merlin might be at Twilight town, because you know, twilight town is like traverse town in KH2
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    After all, he was the one that got us into Hallow Bastion in KH1, So I'm pretty sure he will be in KH2
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    new scans!!!!!!!!!

    LOL! I knew I was spelling it wrong, I was too lazy to fix it. :D
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    new scans!!!!!!!!!

    Pooh's always looking for honney, so yeah he'll do anything to get more honney, that's how he gets stuck in the holez -_-'
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    Keyblade Wielders and Riku

    Why do you have to go negative about all things? Just agree with someone for once. :rolleyes: Btw, good theory.
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    KH2 Spoof

    lol..that was stupid
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    Kairi escapes from destiny island theory

    I support that theory, because it might be true..unless kairi did somefin stupid to get out of destiny's island. Maybe she wants to get off because, she's lonely :D . I don't remember seeing anyone else except kairi on the island. So yeah Cya around
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    Hp? Mp?

    Whoa...you need to calm down, I was just wondering...can't you see? :rolleyes:
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    Hp? Mp?

    meh, took me ages to get to full hp! now its going to take a long time again! :'(