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  1. Jordan Nickles

    Favorite Organization XIII death scene?

    We all love Organization XIII, so what were are favorite scenes where they got slaughtered? Personally my favorite is Vexen's death when Axel literally demolishes him with a snap of his fingers.
  2. Jordan Nickles

    If you could take out one scene in KH2, what would it be?

    Omg all of the "my friends are my strength" speeches
  3. Jordan Nickles


    Hey guys this is just one of a series of plotlines I've done for Maleficent attempting to recreate Villain's Vale that was wiped out in the first game, hope you guys enjoy and gimme a shout if you want to see some of the others. The New Villains Vale Captain Gantu "How could you have let this...
  4. Jordan Nickles

    New Kingdom Hearts Villains

    So those of us who have done nothing in the past few months besides play Birth By Sleep have seen many new Disney villains introduced to the fanchise. One in particular is Captain Gantu from the Deep Space world (you know the 12-foot whale with legs?). As many of you know Experiment 626 or...
  5. Jordan Nickles

    New Kingdom Hearts Villains?

    Kingdom Hearts turned out some of the best know disney villains that we know (Jafar, Ursala, Maleficent, Hades, Oogie Boogie, Captain Hook). KH3 delived a couple of new villains such as Shan-You and Barbossa, but for the most part just recycled old villains in order to keep the more popular...
  6. Jordan Nickles

    New Kingdom Hearts Villains?

    We all know for a fact that one of the best defining factors of the Kingdom Hearts series is some of the well-known Disney villains. From the evil laughs to the horrific death scenes you know you love em'. Kingdom Hearts managed to show us some of the greatest villains of all time, something...