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    The Kingdom Hearts "Snuggie"?

    LINK (because picture was too big) It's real. And it's sold at FYE (in the stores only apparently). Thoughts on this?
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    Something I realized from KHCoM(normal GBA one)

    Does anyone know if Riku remembered the events after he left castle oblivion?:confused:
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Reality~IT'S NOT JUST A GAME

    WHERE IS THE NEXT CHAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and one more thing....bwhahahahahaha!!!!! *uses all power possible to turn all who are fighting into cockroaches* BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA:toungesmile:
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    COM manga

    Dude, you can get the manga off of ebay or amazon and just wait a few days for it to ship. I mean i know people in europe are pissed that they don't have kh2 yet but i havent played it for 210 hours because my ps2 broke and my parents won't get me a new one...yet.:(
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    My ps2 may be cursed...

    I wasn't sure where to pit this so don't flame me! ok here's the deal: I was playing my copy of KH2 on this past Friday. As i was about to finish off a boss, my tv went back to the screen as if i didn't turn on my ps2 and the power button was flashing red and wouldn't stop unless i turned off...
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    Editing Process of Jap and Eng ver.KH2

    Whatever happened to the wonderland world? It would have been fun to beat the queen in a game of croquet (sp?):confused:
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Idol (Continuence)

    Sora/Roxas VS. Kairi/Namine Song:My Boo
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    What if KH2 took place in Nintendo Worlds!?!?!?

    um... I'm torn. Sora and Link (LOZ) would be kool but any others i'm not sure. Plus they could have sora be the owner of the nintendogs...AWW CUTE!:p
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    what do you think the stupidest thing was said in kh2?

    "RUN AWAY!!!!" Even though Demyx says this and it's hilarius i think it is maybe 3% stupid.:D
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    KH Manga, Volume 3!

    They are making a COM one. just look under the "Latest news" thing on the front page and it has the scans. also check tokyopop.com for the releace date of #4 and you can buy #1-3 on that site too... BTW i know this is off topic but does anyone have a clue where i can find hikiri but not the...
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    What should have been added in Kh2?

    whatever happened to wonderland? it would have been a fun mini-game to try and play that golf game thingy with the queen...
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    axels original name

    Did you all know that "XEMNAS" is an anagram for "MAN SEX " ? lol:D
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    What should have been added in Kh2?

    whatever happened to tarzan?
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    does the music make you shake your groove thang???

    does anyone know where i can get the NA soundtrack for KH2. cuz i have scene the jap. one but no NA.:confused: WOW I AM A GUMI SHIP BUILDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol *runs off happy*
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    New Pics of kh2 Exclusive Launch Party!

    on kh2.co.uk under the KH@ side pannel there is this link to voice actors and it has all of the voices... what is the olsmend (sp) sister doing there? :confused:
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    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    lol my high school is right across the streed from an ebgames...lol my parents woin't let me skip skool for a few reasons... over protective and neurotic...don't ask... In order to get it i need my mom's credit card. I managed to get straight A's for skool yet they still won't let me...
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    i've pre ordered. always usualy do. Do any of you get the feeling that you can't stop thinking about it and you also get the feeling that you know what action will happen?:confused:
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    My 3..no wait 4 harry potter calendars have march 28th marked in sora's kh2 colors... i made a countdown on my laptop that comes up every time i turn it on... I'm planning on skipping skool that day. All who wish to join...copy this.:cool:
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    I have been waiting since August of 2005... THE WAIT FOR A RELEASE DATE IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now all we need is a countdown clock like thing where it says: ??Days ??Hours ??minutes ??seconds Untill KH2 Mugglenet.com did that for book 6 and for the new harry potter movie...
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    reserving kh2 questions

    We'll I'm in san Francisco and i pre-ordered mine in August of 2005!!!! In my opinion i think that if you preorder it really really early the wait really hurts but if you preorder it as soon as they get a release date it may not hurt to wait as much... I'm stuck at skool, bord out of my...