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  1. Axel92


    The only thing I hated is Sora being shocked seeing Vanitas face, while in Monstropolis he said to him "you were in the Cathedral". In that scene of DDD Vanitas doesn't wear the mask.
  2. Axel92

    Thoughts on a Final Mix?

    I would like to have more insights on the Replica project (didn't like all those puppets throwed in) and some answers on whether apprentice Xehanort really lost his memories or was just pretending! Some more explanation on who forged keyblades on the first time, we know they are man made...
  3. Axel92

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    Now I understand better the artwork showing Sora with the TWEWY gang!
  4. Axel92

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I would have not written it any better. Wonderful post
  5. Axel92

    The power of Xehanort's seeds

    So we know that when the Nobody and the heartless of someone have been defeated, the person would return as a complete individual. We have some examples: Lea, Aleaus and Ienzo were clearly showed in Radiant Garden as returned humans. On the other side we missed Braig and Isa and we were told...
  6. Axel92

    Theory about Ansem the Wise

    Well... i was reading through past Nomura's interviews and i found out this one: Now, remember that we learnt our memories resides in our hearts in the KH-verse. So i realized that the Ansem The Wise we saw in the Realm of Darkness talking with Aqua is instead his Nobody. He just lost his...
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    Goodmorning from an italian friend

    Hello to everyone! I follow you for a long time and finally i've decided to subscribe. I'm sorry if my English isn't correct but i try to do my best. I will gladly accept corrections. The reason of why i choose you is because there are no italian forum that discuss the plot and the cues for the...