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  1. Chaser

    Possible KH3 ReMind reddit leak

    I thought those details up top sounded familiar.
  2. Chaser

    9/3 Union χ JP Update: Message from Nomura, 4th Anniversary

    Maybe he meant only 4 cutscenes 🤪
  3. Chaser

    Possible KH3 ReMind reddit leak

    The seven O’s are the “leaker” trying to make themselves be credible since Nomura used seven O’s as a censor in his KHUX directors message.
  4. Chaser

    The difference between links and summons.

    I think my wonderment with all this is why this thread was necessary? This information regarding the differences between Summons and Links have been known since Birth by Sleep, something you acknowledge later in your post. Is this whole thing just about getting people to watch a YouTube video...
  5. Chaser

    The difference between links and summons.

    They were elemental versions of Disney characters because Disney didn’t want Square Enix to have Sora summon the actually characters this time around, so Square Enix worked around that by relying on a technicality that since Sora is summoning a version of the character made up of some sort of...
  6. Chaser

    Whats with the MA892 posts lately?

    The admin told me that feature has been activated since we moved to XenForo.
  7. Chaser

    10/3 Union χ JP Update: Event Schedule, Keyblade War EV finale

  8. Chaser

    10/3 Union χ JP Update: Event Schedule, Keyblade War EV finale

    I hope it isn’t because then people will be looking for any reason to connect Ephemer and Sora together, including Ephemer being his time travelling brother!
  9. Chaser

    Who is Riku Replica referring to?

    Yep. You can see the full list of day one titles here:
  10. Chaser

    Who is Riku Replica referring to?

    The journal in DDD says that Sora and Riku were returned to Destiny Islands shortly before it fell to Darkness, and then they proceeded to steal the raft that Sora and Kairi were building over those two days in KH1, so they had to be sent back in time (but then Sora gets hijacked and Riku is...
  11. Chaser

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - March 3rd 2020

    Red XIII should be this part. They could expand shinra into a real final dungeon and give Red XIII a lot of time to shine there, plus there should be end game content (only if Nomura has learnt) and some can be locked behind needing Red XIII.
  12. Chaser

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] The Novel cover art revealed

    I know. I also know it shits Master Spockanort how people keep calling the novels ‘manga’ 🥴
  13. Chaser

    Should characters that got their happy ending be relevant to the new plot or stuck to cameos?

    I think, for me, it depends on the story they want to share. I wouldn't mind seeing how Terra fares now that he has Xehanort removed from his heart and how he adapts to being his own self again and if he still has the darkness inside of him that he showcased throughout Birth by Sleep. But this...
  14. Chaser

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] The Novel cover art revealed

    I still need to get the re:coded manga before I can even consider this manga! Maybe I'll ask for both mangas for Christmas; that'll save me 60 of my own dollars :P
  15. Chaser

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Union x & Dissidia Final Fantasy collaboration announced

    <p>Square Enix held a live stream revealing the latest character coming to <em>Dissidia: Final Fantasy</em> (Gabranth from <em>Final Fantasy XII</em>) as well as refresh updates to summons and more (for those with eagle eyes, all <em>Dissidia: Final Fantasy</em> summons except for Shiva appeared...
  16. Chaser

    How many times did you play through KH3?

    I’m on my third playthrough. One proud at launch, one critical when that came out, and now I’m attempting a level one critical run. I’m skipping cutscenes this time around since it’s all stuff I’ve seen before and I wanna get through the game.
  17. Chaser

    Interaction between Aqua and Lea in Post-KH3?

    If Aqua can get along with Terra after his fall to darkness then I imagine she’s okay with Lea and his history of using the darkness.
  18. Chaser

    Since xigbar is luxu, Does this change the opening of bbs 0.2?

    It's not so much a journal as it is a story recap (but still accessed from the pause menu). Still, it mentions the world coming to an end with Kingdom Hearts enveloping everything, which really has only happened in KHx.
  19. Chaser

    News ► Kingdom Hearts characters will be at California Adventure's Oogie Boogie Bash

    <p>For those who have gotten into the spooky season and booked tickets to the California Adventure Oogie Boogie Bash, you're in for a bone-chilling time as <em>Kingdom Hearts</em> characters will be at the park!</p> <p>Information from a pamphlet reveals that "Friends from Kingdom Hearts" will...