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  1. NessPSI

    Are MGS3 graphicsn really so good?

    My brother is saying that the MGS3 non pre-rendered graphics beat KHII pre-rendered cutscenes that appear at the end and intro. I checked for myself and theres no way this is true. The graphics of MGS3 though great still have some blocky models. Unlike that of a pre-rendered cutscene from KH...
  2. NessPSI

    So what exactly will i need to play "Unchained X"?

    I really wanted to play KHX but looks like it may not be on PC here in the west. :frown: Me and my brother dont know ANYTHING about smartphones and never had cell phones in our lives. I heard they cost a lot like 30$ per month which seems like a lot. On top of that i dont even know exactly what...