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    About KH3 GAMEPLAY...

    Ok lately ive been thinking how the battle system is gonna be and like gauges and otha things like otha stuff in Gameplay of KH3. First of u know how the secret ending its in da past, u play in da past first, for like 40 hours like a regular kh game i keep thinking ur gonna fight Xehanort in...
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    How Fast???

    I want to know ur fastest time to finish KH and KH2, these requirements will be needed; *Secret Story unlocked if ur on Begginer mode it's ok *lvl 100 *must of bet all optional bosses *Must have the Ultima Keyblade *Locked all Keyholes including 100 acre wood *For KH1 all abilities(the last...
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    Who's better????

    Just out of curiousity, who do u guys think look better... (from what the characters look like in KH2), and tell me why u think they look better, and tell me the good features that u like about that character For the boys; Namine And Kairi For The Girls; Sora, Roxas and Riku Lol, and for any1...
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    What Does L2 And R2 do now?

    If somebody knows what L2 and R2 Do please reply back to me