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    can someone give me a link or pictures of namines sketches, you know the ones on the wall in the white room. if you could it would be very appretiated:thumbsup:
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    Can anybody help me...

    so basicly the game is the same just all the new stuff added is in japanese while the original stuff is in english.... so does that mean the menu and stuff is in english or wat
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    NEW BBS NEWS!!!!

    ok so my mom gets me and my sister the playstation magazine and i was looking through it and it had the psp game planner for 2008 and guess wat KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP was in it i read the little info box that went with it and it said the following psp prequels to massive Square Enixe...
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    Where can i buy COM

    ok i tryed downloading it and it just keeps taking me back to the home page i need help
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    Where can i buy COM

    Thanks everyone for ur help i tryed game stores and they didnt have it so ill just download a rom for it thanks :thumbsup:
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    Where can i buy COM

    I was wondering where i can buy kingdom hearts chain of memories for the game boy advance bc i really wanna play it if u know where i could get it pleas tlell me:thumbsup:
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    A question about Coded...

    i think its stupid for it to be on a cell phone bc of the tiny keyboard and stuff in other words they should just put it on a different system bc people probobly wont by it if its on a cell phone plus there may be alot of ppl who cant get it on there phone
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    KH3 stuffs

    ok I've been seeing and hearing that the theres gonna be a kingdom hearts 3 for ps3 and its gonna be called Kingdom Hearts the keyblade wars...im not sure if its true but yea...i also think that if it is true that they should make it for ps2 systems also..but of course this depends on when the...