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    Here and amazed

    I was a member back in '05 and stuck around for a while. I'm not sure when I fazed out of coming by but at some point I just completely stopped. This might not be a real return, I might just be stopping by for a short time. I'm amazed at how it's still running strong, Props to everyone who has...
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    KH2 jap. site updated!

    I can't hear anything on that site for the theme song..so is the DGM sound the Theme song??
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    Card help!

    Just keep fighting Heartles suntil you get one...Use differant cards for differant rooms....and if ya NEED to fight VEERY last heartless.. 'specially in rooms like Looming Darkness
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    New Organization member!!!

    "Demix," eh? you're right about it sounding like Remix...Vexen Marluxia Remix (I know thats impossible but it does look kinda like it weapon wise)
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    Sora's Keyblade, Mickey's Keyblade

    I know I posted something on this before...damned thread went missing...I'll fix this post in a minute and put up something along the lines of what I said before...gotta watch a KH trailer! _______________________________________________________________________ My theory on Mickey's Keyblade...
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    No, a dark Sora was in KH..and I LET it kill everyone...it wasd pathetically easy...and I jus' smash the sh*! outta Dark Link with the Hammer!! BUT how about a LIGHT Riku form that was a dusk...after all Riku is a "dark" person so if they had a dusk form fighting Sora...that'd be sickness!!!:D:D:D
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    Do you think you should be able to alter Sora's look?

    You outta be able to change his looks, but only when equipping Items to boost him, like Master Earring outta show up as an earing...Every Item has its look and hwne equipped his look would be altered slightly. But not that Bruising/Scarring Stuff
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    KH2 multiplayer mode?

    Wh would you not want it? the unlockeables should be playing as Riku in the whole blindfold with an Oblivian and getting to Kick Sora's (with a Oathkeeper) butt!! and the other person should BE Sora!
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    Battle Of The Games

    Dirge of Ceberus... for the sake of being unique and teh fact that no matter what Everyones gonna get KH2, since your asking the question on a Kingdom Hearts FORUM! DUH! (not to be mean, but really now c'mon)
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    starting all over, but why??????

    The reason its like that is so people can't cheat in one game and beat it, and tehn spend the rest of the time leveling up and making themselves strgoner.. Starting from scratch can be frustrating, but so would be starting one level 100 and fighting shadows slightly weaker than you...
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    I hope you're right and Axel doesn't lose and go "I wasn't trying" or anything after a tough ass fight... IT better be a good one that gets interuppted and Axel disappears to relax after a tough fight and then shows back up as Sora tried to elave that world...but this time he has no help from...
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    the owner of my game store told me

    From what I know (and I'm a bit of a Fanatic) FF VII: AC has not been voiced yet, They have the Voice Acting/Recording completed and the actually Movie done, they need to syncronize the timing of the voices. Or atleast the Japanese voices... I could be wrong, but I don't think I'm too off the mark.
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    Anybody concerned about the voice actors?

    I couldn't careless if their voices cracked everyone once in a while...but as long as Sora doesn't act like a 10 /Year old with those wierd annoying Speeches and theres no animated kiss scene I'll be content...unless they have voices like the people in the Hamtaro intor...then I'll shriek and...
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    Sora and Kairi

    *covers mouth* I'd puke! EWWEY! Where would Sora and Riku's rivalry go? She's a princess of Hearts so It'd be cool for her to go out and kick some ass to find sora but I'd rather not watch two animated Characters make out!
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    Enigmatic Man theories....

    The dusk are controlled by the organazation, aren't they? kind of similar to how Malificent controlled the Heartless...they maybe be one of the 3 components needed to return to normal. How said would it be for you body and Heart to take physical forms and duke it out only to perish at the hands...
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    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    Everyone says they'd play the game, and beat it 100%...I doubt I would...I'd beat it once, then eat it for safe keeping! :D
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    Anybody concerned about the voice actors?

    none-the-less I think they'll sound funny...but I prefere to play the game with "Altered" dialogue! Thats where you play the game a Second time and insert your own dialogue in place of theirs!
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    What level should you be at to beat Marluxia II?

    DAMN YO! I was Level 51 after I beat the whole game once... SHEESH!! although I lost to marluxia oncew in each form
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    Mickey's Keyblade

    You're no idiot, your quite intelligent, or by my standards. (Asking questions shows intelligents as does taking comments without being rude) Mickey's Keyblades is completely differant than Sora's. Its a Kingdom Key but "upgraded" or something. If you notice Sora's Kingdom Key has a Blue mickey...
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    Riku - Friend or Foe? Plus more wonderings

    I like the idea as well as the one above..besides a few kinks to work out it could be more substantial or whatever you'll call it. That would explain why BHK got 2 Keyblades. One Keyblade master of Ruin and one of "Justice" (I can't rememebr the actual wording") Oblivion bad, Oathkeeper...