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    TAV master/Anitas

    OK so Vanitas' keychain is a broken gearshaped as an "S" wich actually fits what his keyblade looks like. as for Eraqus' keyblade... I always thought that the three (TAV) keychains were that of Eraqus like he was their master and theywere showing respect by using the keychain emblem of what...
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    TAV master/Anitas

    HAHAHA played... BUT i want at least a serious either agreement or contradiction to the theory... its gnawing at me that the only reply i get, gets played like the devils golden fiddle.... please.. anyone! lol
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    TAV master/Anitas

    there is nothing to discuss because the topic of the keychain shape is over? no. i want to see if anyone thinks that Vanitas could have been Eraqus student or even fellow student at some point in time and MX could have recruited him to best over Eraqus current students.
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    TAV master/Anitas

    even so at the angle that Vanitas keychain is it shows the top has to be some sort of shape close if not exactly like the swirls that make the heart shape of Eraqus' and the lower half is not in the same outline sequence of the top.
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    TAV master/Anitas

    TOP key chain looks like a crown... and nothing like Vanitas's and is shaped like a heart... Vanitas's keychain is large on the top half and about half way down it, it slims down to half the size of the top part.
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    TAV master/Anitas

    opps forgot the "V"... but yea i have been staring at it for a very long time and i dont see how u got the ultima keychain...KH1 ultima is a crown and KH2 ultima is a thin heart.. Vanitas's keychain is clearly is larger at the top an then slims down to much a a poin to be a heart like KH2 ultima...
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    TAV master/Anitas

    ok i saw the scan of Apprentice Anitas and noticed the keychain on his keyblade is the same as the on on TAV masters keyblade... just a different color and it is the same logo as what tera has on his chest and aqua/ven have on their belts. you thing there may be a connection?
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    my Terra/Xehanort theory

    thats what i thought but i couldnt figure out why AtW wanted them to seal the room
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    my Terra/Xehanort theory

    so AtW wanted to seal its contents from the other apprentices maybe???
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    my Terra/Xehanort theory

    ok i was just watching some cutscenes from final mix+ and one was the "new headquarters" 'video here' one where vexen is looking for xemnas and zexion talks to some one thats cloak is up but anyways getting to the point he mentions to zexion "men wielding keyblades fought great battles and when...
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    KH 3

    if this is already been started i appologize. in kh3 we al know that there will be heartless maybe nobodies but do ya'll think that unbirths will be in it to or will there be new enimies???
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    Keyblade Wielders?

    i think that kairi can wield one only because riku gave her one and sora has a more pure heart so he ended up with riku's original one (thats why ruku can take it from him) and mickey ...no idea ...any way thats what i think so if i messed up on some thing please correct me
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    A question about KH

    well if they could create a artificial kingdom hearts in BBS (being a prequal) dont you think that they could hav figured out how to make one in the later games??
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far the post is the best :D
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    Goofy's armour...

    only the left arm thing but even then its pushing it
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    Organization XIII (oops my bad, XIV)

    they'll proly have flash backs in it that show the past of all the organization members and how they joined
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    I just discovered something! <_<

    it does sound like auron just mono toned
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    keychain origins

    this may have been asked b4 and if so my bad. when you get a new keychain it represent the world you get it from so were do the keychains come?
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    linear story line

    i was thinking will bbs and 358/2 days has a linear story line or will it be like kh 1 and 2
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    Aqua's Keyblade

    Aqua's keyblade http://images.wikia.com/kingdomhearts/images/4/47/Aqua%27s_keyblade.jpg ven's keblade http://images/.wikia.com/kingdomhearts/image/5/5a/Ven%27s_keyblade.jpg terra's keyblade http://images.wikia.com/kingdomhearts/image/c/c5/Terra%27_keyblade.jpg