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    Goodbye BHK.... spoilers

    Kingdom Hearts 2 - Soundtrack Tracklist & BHK Name [12 Dec 2005] [Cow] Hey Everyone, We have found a listing of all the tracks on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2 soundtrack out on January 25th. In addition, you may of heard rumors of BHK's name being Roxas, but we avoided from publishing this...
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    Superior XIII Order Evidence

    ******************SPOILERS************************ News: The Superior of The Order Removes his hood. His face is not shown, but there was a dramatic pause as the music (Passion) stopped playing. Sora was then shown dropping his Keyblade in shock. And then Sora says "That is not...
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    Can Anyone Translate?!?! BHK's Name???!!!

    haha, sora's son.. love your sig story.
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    Can Anyone Translate?!?! BHK's Name???!!!

    oo, okay, i was afraid of that. nomura DEFINATELY doesn't want us knowing his name. or, he has no name, because he is a nobody.
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    Can Anyone Translate?!?! BHK's Name???!!!

    those are from the new scan. it looks like it's each one of his friends' names and then some information about them, but in japanese. i enlarged the [what i believe to be] BHK's name and put it in the top left corner. can anyone translate that? it could be his name!
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    Cast of KHII

    grassy-ass xaldin!
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    BHK's Name (Just A Thought)

    *********************POSSIBLE SPOILER************************ Do you guys think that Square just won't give BHK a name? He is, after all, a nobody... And the organization members who are nobodies said [in CoM] that they forgot their names, so we can infer that they all chose new...
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    Symbolic Connections Between 1 And 2

    possible spoilers................... EDIT: I GOOFED THE FIRST ONE. we all know about the beginning of kh2.. bhk has a dream and says "i've been having these weird thoughts lately...." [you all know the line] then he falls down and does the tutorial. but, has anyone noticed in the...
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    New Information..spoilers...

    possible spoilers!!! kh2.co.uk Mickey Goes all Yoda on der Asses!!! Sora is walking out of the Twilight Town train station, Mantle Heartless(i think they meant Mantle Nobody) appear but he's not aware of it. Donald: "Sora!! Watch out!!" Goofy: "Watch oooouuuttt!!" -Sora's in a tight...
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    Kingdom hearts 2 going to take forever to beat!

    nikk-chan... no, it said EVERY world IS ABLE TO go up to 8 HOURS, including side missions. that means, if you're a player who does every side objective, it will take you 8 hours per world.
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    Major Spoilers! KH2's Beginning!

    Grand Find Kid!
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    Very Interesting!!!!!!!

    ***********POSSIBLE SPOILERS****************** as you all know, kh2 comes out in japan in a matter of days! before we know it, new facts will pour all over into the internet and we'll have to rethink all of the theories brought up over the past 2/3 years. here are some interesting things to...
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    Kingdom hearts 2 going to take forever to beat!

    how will they do it on two disks.. when you finish the first will it give you like a password or something? or do they just trust that you'll do it. then will the memory card from the sony transfer to the new game all of your stats?
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    Kingdom hearts 2 going to take forever to beat!

    omg, you're nervous about 224?! i'm lovin' it! the game will be great! go play a game of jenga, those games last short. you'll be happier with that game.
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    Does Any One Know...

    ....what this is supposed to mean: in the new trailer, approximately half a second past 1:00, you see sora weild his keyblade in a circle. then, a faded picture of a reddish/brown haired kid (sora) and a blonde haired kid (we all know him) is shown. but, they almost look cartoon like or...
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    Bhk Playable!!! I Can't Wait!!!

    I think it's pretty much official that BHK is playable. Look in these scans: http://www.jeux-france.com/images1_4_13588.html [ Left side of the BHK image ] You can clearly see we get to play BHK! Who's excited?
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    Another Name...(WHY??)

    these people are very clever.. coming up with fake names such as SIRU and ROXAS.. and now the infamouse SAXOR.. all names that share similarities with Sora/Riku/X (organization). as tempting as it is to believe these, i won't. when did everyone get so fickle? just wait until dec.22. you'll know...
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    When does the DD Scene take place? (DiZ got BHK to help/join?)

    ppl, dd will happen, we've already seen the gameplay clip. the question is why is bhk in the cloak.
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    Square Enix Is GENIUS! BHK and his name...

    nevermind, people make Sh!t up. oops, was that not right for me to cuss?