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    The Dark Solstice

    Sorry I couldn't think of a better title ^^' anywho... There exists and uncharted island where the descendants of the gods live, each family bearing a specific element: Fire, water, thunder, wind, and earth. There was also a family bearing darkness, but darkness was never regarded as a real...
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    The Crappiest Pick-Up Lines Thread

    ok the object is to think of a pick up line that would, literally make someone want to slap you. EDIT: Rate the line above you. I'll go first: Baby you're so hot if I were you I'd screw myself XD
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    Kingdom Hearts:The second summoning

    Story: Sora has just returned to destiny islands, when Donald and Goofy's gummi ship crashlands on the beach. He soon finds out that the walls between the worlds have broken again, and they need his help to stem the flow of heartless pouring out. Riku and Kairi also join them as they set off...
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    Fanfiction ► KingDumb Hearts

    lmao!!! I love it!! *lungs collapse from laughing so hard* *dies* X_x
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath

    *roars* YEAH!!!! *runs around in little circles* I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!fwaaaaaah!!! *sugar overload*
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    Hey guys, I've been here a few days and I would've made one of these threads sooner but I didn't see the new members area thingy..^^' so yeah hi =)
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    the crossing over...

    hmm, I've always wondered...at what point does a n00b cease to be a n00b? is there some sortof classification process I don't know about?? *ponders and contemplates his n00bness*
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath

    man!!!! why did it stop?! why?! nooooooooo!! *goes into a state of emotional trauma* but it was really good while it lasted you rock ^^ forgive my n00bness -_-.....