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    KINGDOM HEARTS II Volume 1 & 2 Manga Covers Revealed!

    i have to ask how many volumes in KH II? is it up to Vol 6 or 7?? if so then will we see KH II Vol 3 in 2014 that contains Vol 6 and 7?
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    I'm missing one sleight can anybody help???

    you can go up to level 99 in Re:CoM? that is interesting since in orignal CoM they only go up to level 65 or 66.
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    Need help on Ragnarok sleight move

    Hey there i have reached to 13th floor and my Sora level is i thinks either 50 or 51 but can anyone tell me where i can find Ragnarok Sleight move? i cant seems to find it.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Re:CoM CB NTSC/UC Codes

    are those codes really work on Action Replay or not??
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    358/2 days

    I will wait for NA game version so i can understand and enjoyed the game.
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    Re: Chain Of Memories in NA

    Re: Chain Of Memories in NA Well i am so looking forward to get KH Re:CoM as well. i am so excited.
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    Kingdom Hearts Novels in US is cancelled??!

    Hi Everyone I am BahamutDragon1 i am new here but i got a bad news. I knows everyone is excited about Kingdom Hearts Novels coming out in North America in August 2008 for english version. and i already pre-ordered them months ago since Feb 2008. Today i got an email from Amazon.com and they...