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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    Have any f you ever came to the thought that nomura simply didnt think the Grave thing out? That there possibly never was a Weapon for him or never was one planed and that this dilemma came up with the Grave's? I think it was just a stupid mistake they made and so that nobody thinks so he's...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 possable plot?

    Sorry I wasn't sure where to post this nas you guys don't have a place for this... Ever since I beat KH 2 I have been thinking about the Secret Video you ncould unlock when you had everything. Now I have come to a few ideas where a plot for a third Game could go. Now in Game 1 and 2 we had...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: My Story

    Nice, write some more, liked to know how the Battle Continues ^^
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    most hated boss

    Marluxia, not that he was hard but it took forever to beat him
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    Hi im the new Guy

    Hi I'm ShoOT, I'm 18 and live in Germany. I'm Half American Half German and lived in California until I was 12. I'm going to school while looking for a job. I offered my Services as a Translater here, haven't got any message yet. I'm waiting for KH2 to come out and I hate the fact that all of...