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    Belief questions

    so it has been a verryyyy long time since i last logged onto these forums... i would greatly appreciate it, if four people would be helpful unto me in helping me with a homework assignment for my youth culture class. if you are between 13 and 18, or 7th-12th grade, then you qualify. if you don't...
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    Haloid... When Metroid and Halo Collid

    BEST FAN VIDEO I'VE EVER SEEN: HALOID FIGHT - The Last Boss just copy and past the link... and be amazed EDIT: nvm, just click the link
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    Figured out the last scene of the PromoVideo

    so i hope everyone knows that the last scene in the promo video was the scene that nomura said he was going to cut out because it left everyone so confused because they didn't know how that fit into the game. i shall explain. first off, the organization member in the black hood is xemnas...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    wow, itz been awhile since i've been in these forums, lol. so... my main question is... if there will be a kh2:final mix... and they're using english dubb voices... why not just make an american version for crying out loud and stick english subtitles too. i don't wanna open up my main menu in...
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    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    if anyone noticed, ff13 is being split into 3 games. one of which is called Final Fantasy Versus XIII. and tetsuya nomura (guy who was in charge of kh) is in charge of this game. the advent children team made the cg trailer, which there are only 2 pictures of it online and the trailer still has...
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    ff7 sidestory

    was the ff7 sidestory in kh2 supposed 2 relate 2 advent children or just relate 2 kh2??? also can sum1 let me know if there was a manga created on the ff7 game?? i saw the trailers 4 dirge of cerberus, crisis core, etc. so i was just wondering?
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    i need as many different, the key is different pics of riku from kingdom hearts 2, i'd also like some from chain of memories, preferably nice sized images of the reverse/rebirth ending and any nice looking sprites of normal riku and riku in an org. outfit also as 4 kh2, i just need some nice...
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    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    cid wasn't as bad as aeris though, nothing topped the horribleness of her voice except 4 when kairi first said sora's name.. it was like a pause between syllables, and not even that she was tryin 2 pronounce it, she just said it, wrong!!!!
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    Zexion's Weapon

    ummmm, NO. the traitor talk started with axel, and remember demyx's message in the underworld before he was killed??? axel said he had "these icky orders" to destroy roxas if he refused 2 come back which he did refuse, meaning treason which made roxas a traitor. and demyx had the message on a...
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    Zexion's Weapon

    i'll accept the first half of your quote, but the Org. XIII def. wanted to kill Roxas 4 leavin them, not liberate him, hence all the talk about traitor and such
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    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    yessss, aeris' voice in kh2 was HORRIBLE. wat ever happened to mandy moore??? she did a great job in kh1. kh2 aeris was horrible, totally monotone, and no emotion whatsoever except for a lil bit when she said "consider it a leon compliment" cuz she like tried 2 laugh but didn't, grrrrrr wanted 2...
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    A theory...

    wasn't that what made xehanort the superior and so special and such, because not only did he have a strong heart that he became a nobody, but his heartless also kept human form
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    Zexion's Weapon

    a lot of things don't make sense about the game. but to answer your question Roxas left them, supposedly almost as fast as he joined them 2 find out why he had the keyblade, so he wasn't much help, and after he left he was wanted DEAD. what gets me though, is if they knew Roxas was a nobody...
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    the fourth keywielder in the secret video

    itz possible, when i saw the ending and took a close look at it, there are 2 brief parts in that part of the scene where in his left hand there is an opening, signifying the handle that he is holding on2, the reason being that his arm isn't longer than the other one from holdin it could be...
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    Zexion's Weapon

    something tells me that in the next kingdom hearts it turns out that xehanort is still alive because of his "superhuman" abilities and such. and that in the game you'll find out how he plotted with zexion to take on his shape, so that the person we really fought in kh2 was zexion and not xemnas...
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    need a bit of help

    hey peeps! i'm 6 parts away from unlocking the secret ending! yay!!! i got 5 more collection lists 2 do and get the 15,000 points in the last paradox battle. i had trouble beating the battle, so i'm askin 4 strategy help. i died at match 46, and i heard that cloud, tifa, leon, and yuffie all...
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    Xemnas - First fight reaction command "Clash"

    if you have a hard time getting finish, look at your command menu, it's easier 2 see the reaction command there
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    Proof of the Third Symbol

    ur 2nd piece of evidence baffles me, i must now go back and check this out, lol. keyblade does sound right though from wat your saying
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    watch this its pretty cool!

    use armax, everything else will guaranteee corruption of your kh2 disc and you will have to buy another one. itz still risky with armax though, go to kh-vids.net for codes such as becoming mickey to fight sephiroth and junk like that. bahamut summon spell warning, it will start but freeze your...
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    watch this its pretty cool!

    i read about this on another thread. apparently square enix put a lot of junk on our game discs but u have to hack it 2 get it. the detection saber is one of them, i don't know why this kid called it edge of ultima, but itz real name is the detection saber, i never saw til now, but thatz wat it...