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    About sora's level... (Fun discussion)

    counter argument, but what's to stop them from just scaling enemies to be on stronger than Sora? Like if you start the game at level 50, would it not be reasonable that they could change all enemies to be at level 50 as well? If Sora has an HP of 600, they could just adjust it so that enemies...
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    Yen Sid's "proper way". (Fun discussion)

    The thing is, they probably didn't even need to lose their powers. The story could've been written in a way where maybe the sleeping worlds relies on some inherent dream logic and operates on their own system, and therefore their current powers at that point wouldn't be effective or reliable...
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Wait but in kh2 Kairi went to school. She had a uniform on and everything and went with Selphie on the mainland. That means people still exist.
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    Your KH headcanon

    I know people aren't really fond of Riku's new keyblade, but to me I think the design of brave heart has a lot of story significance that unfortunately the player doesn't get to see in kh3. I think that rather than being a new Keyblade that Riku somehow got from Merlin, the braveheart keyblade...