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  1. qbaysan

    News ► Scholastic to publish new Kingdom Hearts novel series, official character handbook

    Judging from the list of works of the writer, it's probably going to be something like this: So expectations are set to somewhere mundane and silly, with the occasional moral of the day here and there. Bonus points if the moral of the book series is all about the value of friendship, complete...
  2. qbaysan

    The other time-travelling method theory

    So I've got a theory on how the time travel works. Since Darkness from KHUX mentioned there's a different way to travel through time, I'll give it a shot. To put this out of the way first, Xehanort's time travel works by having a version of himself existing at a certain point in time, where he...
  3. qbaysan

    Union X and KH

    Because it was destined to be, like how MoM says it. :wink:
  4. qbaysan

    Union X and KH

    Yep. Pretty sure Subject X is Skuld. And if Xigbar/Luxu kidnapped or kept tabs with her after her release, it's likely she'd be on their side at first. Thus her being the traitor.
  5. qbaysan

    Union X and KH

    Oh boy, with that implication, the only one who bears the heretic sigil exactly as it is through their name, without any addendums, is X herself. If she calls herself X in the present time that is. :eek:
  6. qbaysan

    What do you think about Namine / Riku shipping?

    To be honest, I thought the ship was a crack pairing before KHIII. I thought it was hilarious when they revealed Riku's design looking like Noctis last year, thinking about him and Namine possibly being shipped because of it. And then I laughed out loud when they made that Noctis/Stella parallel...
  7. qbaysan

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    It's probably Dandelions saving the day like what some other people predicted back then how KHUX will tie in in KH3. Those 300 player names has got to be used somehow.