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    Some EU countries officially have a new release date (26/01/19)

    At least Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Germany have confirmed a release date of 26th January. Any others?
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    Jesse McCartney is going on tour on June 15th, KH3 voice acting completed?

    I realise that the title sounds out of place but can we take this as solid confirmation that voice recording is completed and not just hearsay from people who dm'ed actors that were most likely under nda's...
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    The Restoration Committee (And Other FF Characters)

    This has been my only worry for KH3, and I feel it's a pretty big one but it's my worry so I would say that We all know that the series has had fewer and fewer links to Final Fantasy over time, which is fine for some games (Days), but not so for others (KH3) In my opinion, Kingdom hearts is...
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    Heya! I've been around KHI for quite some time as a lurker, and felt like it was the best time to make an account here in the run up to KH3, as other forums are kind of....... slow. Hopefully I'll get to know you guys well!