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  1. J

    who will star in the next game has been down to 2 characters for a while

    The only thing left, as far as I can tell, is Mickey's Absence. The only thing of interest would be where he found the Darkside Keyblade. But, it would also teach us what little is left unsaid about the Heartless and Darkness. That game will be a challenge for SE to make interesting.
  2. J

    BBS implication question

    Good point, I forgot about the Samurai Nobodies. So, now the question is how did Ven's heart react to the Heart-Unlocker Sora use?
  3. J

    Should BBS have been less complicated?

    He made it so complicated to create hype and constant contemplation until the next game comes out, making it more likely that YOU will BUY IT!!!!!! Brilliant strategy, I might add... if he doesn't go off into loony stupidity land.
  4. J

    BBS implication question

    So, I read the synopsis of BBS online, so this brings up a MAJOR question for me: Is Roxas TRULY a Nobody?? Sounds stupid, right? But, look at the following reasoning before the flamethrowers are armed: End of BBS, Ven's heart joined Sora's Heart. (something to that effect, anyways) Mid-End...
  5. J

    Coincidence? (Not sure where this leads)

    What does Chain of Memories reveal about memories, people? Xion = Memories Maleficent was brought back to life by memories in KH2... Memories are going to be important in BBs, I bet.
  6. J

    keyblade war and vens connection with even

    Oh, so I assume this is a released promo? OK, cool. Got a translated link by any chance?
  7. J

    keyblade war and vens connection with even

    Where?? Or do you mean Kairi's Grandmother's story?
  8. J

    Coincidence? (Not sure where this leads)

    Nope, no idea that that was revealed, LOL! I have only read brief synopsis, the Secret Reports, and watched a vid of the battle vs Xion. So, how does Days explain that Ven has always been there? Are you referring to the Xion looking like "him" incident with... whoever that was?
  9. J

    Coincidence? (Not sure where this leads)

    I would love to assemble this into a complete theory, but I have not played CoM, nor Days. Thus, I feel unequipped to tackle the project. So bits and pieces will have to do: Something else that Campbell pointed out in his book, that Nomura seemed to capitalize on in KH, is that water...
  10. J

    Coincidence? (Not sure where this leads)

    Birth by Sleep. I was reading some notes I took a little while ago on a book by Joseph Campbell (American, I think) analyzing mythology and various heroes. Interesting thing is that he equates the death of a hero with sleep. (One of the pre-reqs is acknowledgement of death. Xemnas shows this...
  11. J


    In the original Concept video at the end of KH2:FM++, they did not have keychains, and neither did any of the keyblades in the field. Nomura made a big deal about it in an interview I read a long time ago, so I assume that them having, or not having, keychains at certain places and times will...
  12. J

    65/100 review for KH!! what?!

    "When I say cutscene, I really mean music video because it is all flash and no substance. Nothing is explained about the plot, we just see a kid swimming with "cool" camera techniques to impress us." ... They need to go back and relook at that intro because it was masterfully interwoven with...
  13. J

    Changing the Days Voice Actors

    Sure, bring back Brittany Snow, but PLEASE kick Hayden to the curb.
  14. J

    World Limit Commands

    1) Riku 2) Beast 3) Sparrow 4) Skellington 5) Auron (don't remember it that well) Never used any of the others...
  15. J

    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    Kairi is good in concept, but absolutely horrible in execution. The keyblade was an attempt to make her less DiD (like Mary Jane with the shotgun in Spiderman: Web of Shadows), but it ultimately always fails. She looked far too awkward with that bouquet. I made her seem even more pathetic...
  16. J

    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    I liked the Magic and learning Abilities in KH1 (i do like the idea of a defense spell, like KH2 Fire, though). KH2, I like the idea of reaction Commands, but they over did-it, they should have had the Commands have more restrictive circumstances. The KH1 world storylines were better, but the...
  17. J

    "In the distant past, sleep gives way to hidden truth."

    &Conquer I doubt it. That has been done way too many times. Also, for it to be successful, the character always has to feel doubt in themselves. Sora had no doubts about the keyblade after he took the KK back from Riku and in KH2, so it would be an unsuccessful ploy. "Sleep gives way to...
  18. J

    New Roxas Illustration

    Name one character in Kingdom Hearts that DOESN'T!!!! Besides Riku and the FF peeps and Ansem/Ansem SoD/half of Org 13. So, that leaves only Sora, which you CANNOT dispute that he looks (and sounds) slightly feminine in #1.
  19. J

    Your lowest level

    Going over these levels, I have to say one thing: What is the point of Fenrir and Sephiroth? Ultima you want to beat Sephiroth and tear things to shreds. I can see that with Fenrir also, but what is the point of grinding up to the 90's just to beat one enemy. Just like KH1, grind up to beat...
  20. J

    Your lowest level

    I was late 40's, maybe early 50's on normal. I had to grind a level or two to beat Xigbar, then it was smooth sailing to owning him. Soon I will be owning him again at level 80 with Ultima, LOL!