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    Help/Support ► Sibling Help

    Wow when I started reading this I didn't think your intentions were to help your sister, but I guess it's a good thing you are mature enough to think that way. I suppose the sisterly thing to do is to just flat out tell her what's happening and try to explain to her she needs to grow up, but I...
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    Help/Support ► diet family support

    Yeah that's pretty harsh and it would just smash his self-esteem, I don't think a friend would do that to another friend. This girl(?) doesn't seem like she'd want to do that anyways. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Usagi makes a good point, telling him to be the example sounds like a good...
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    Help/Support ► Chasing away religious preachers

    Stop being an asshole she was trying to be helpful. Your comments on the other hand, are not. The OP clearly said he wanted to dissuade them POLITELY. Telling them (or God) to shove it is rude. To the OP: Yeah I really don't see how this is that big of an issue that you need to ask us. If you...
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    Help/Support ► Emancipation Question

    Yeah I *would* think your mom's just worried about you, but if she's trying to get you emancipated that's not right at all. It's like she's rejecting you just because you don't believe, and that's not what God wanted us to do. I know you don't believe in God, but if your mother loved you and...
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    Something I Realized about Terrorism against the US

    When I think about it, does Al-Qaeda really expect to ultimately stand victorious against the US? Or are they simply just trying to damage or hurt us as much as they can, and don't think they can ever beat the US? Because when I think hard about it, at the very worst, they can acquire a nuclear...
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    Oh jeez this is seriously pissing me off...Avatar.

    I'm trying to give myself an avatar and it's just not working. Seriously, the screen's telling me "100x100 PIXELS OR 100 MB, WHATEVER'S SMALLER." The image I want to upload IS 100x100 and 3.5 KB!!! And it's saying UNABLE TO UPLOAD. So when I try putting it on a host website and inserting the...
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    So how about that Chat and RPG...?

    Lol I keep clicking on the chat and a blank web page always comes up. I thought at first that it was my browser but after using every one I had nothing worked. Can someone help me get into the chat? The RPG I kinda expected not to work, because as far as I knew it hadn't been working for years...
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    The Soul Saga (working title)

    Okay I just thought I'd put this here and see what you guys think. I don't know if it's good or not, so I'll let you guys voice your opinion. Maybe you could give me advice. Now, that's not the name of the story, it's the chapter name. I've also started writing chapter two, but I thought it...
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    Really Quick Question

    Hi, I just wanted to know if BBS is available for pre-order in the U.S. yet. Or if it even has a precise release date (besides Spring '10) for that matter. Thank you, sorry if this is in the wrong section or anything.
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    Back after a few years

    Hello I think I first joined this forum in 2005 (I'm pretty sure it was called something else back then) as another account but stopped using it in 2006. Since then I've forgotten the password and no longer have the email for that account so I thought I'd just make a new account. Which is a good...