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    What if Sora and Riku were stuck?

    I have no clue if this was posted or not, I am sorry if it was. Anyways, The ending of KH2 in my opinion was GREAT! I mean like it kind of tied up everything in a way. Sora and Riku returned home. The worlds are at peace. Organization was gone all that. Then after the credits there was that...
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    The First Keyblade bearer

    Hey guys, I haven't posted in awhile so please don't flame me haha So I was playing birth by sleep today and I was wondering... Who was the first person person to wield the keyblade?? Did he/she create the weapon itself??? Or how did they obtain it. Do you think they would show him/her on the...
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    BBSFM site is here

    oh ok then thank you sorry
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    BBSFM site is here

    I know that lol but which page is it on??????/
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    BBSFM site is here

    Well i no that but where??? do i do tht lol like what pager
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    BBSFM site is here

    hey um where do i go to save the pics?????
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    SPOILER- Ven/roxas theory on how they might put em together

    Ok so in Blank points they show all the people Sora has to save. and Roxas and ven are one of em. don't you think it'd be confusing if they put the two characters together? So my theory is that Ven's body has aged in the chamber in waking. So when he wakes up he may look older then roxas. I mean...
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    K so bbs is coming tomorrow to hype ya guys i made a AMV awhile ago. But plz watch please it has spoilers to opening if ya dont want to see that yet YouTube - Kingdom hearts Heavens Divide AMV Watch at 480p haha
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    KH3D, Tetsuya Nomura, full interview.

    I don't see how it ties into current times, cuz of Sora and Riku's KH Form. I am praying that the beginning is just a dream or something and they are in new clothes or KH2 clothes haha. I am kinda tired of the same form of Sora to be honnest :/
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    KH Side series

    Hey guys. I dunno if this has been posted or asked before but i am going to ask now. How would you guys feel about Kingdom Hearts having its own little side series. Like kinda how metal gear solid did with Big Boss (to those who know what i am talking about) It could be in the future or even...
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    Special Edition Confirmed for France

    Hey That an awesome cover for the box that holds the art book!!! (Thats my Fav KH Art ever lol thats why I like it, its my desktop wallpaper) You lucky French ;D Hopefully NA gets something, at least a pre-order bonus at least. It'd be cool to get a collectors edition to
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    BBS collectors edition in Germany

    its cool :) I'll just print art off the web and tape it together if I wanted one. Hells ya! I'm not trying to be a jerk here btw. just trying to stay positive. Let germany get it. We have plenty of stuff right? As long as we have the game. its all good for me is all i'm saying
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    Confused on the Whole Ventus and Sora deal...

    wait, i'm stuck on what you mean by 6. I thought when Ven and Sora talk is at the end when everything had alreaddy happened? And i thought Sora was already "Born" since he was with little Riku on the islands. unless being "born" is different inKH
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    um i dunno if the someone alreay said this but is this the release date?

    um i dunno if the someone alreay said this but is this the release date? I was surfing through 1UP.com and it said the release date was 5/14/10 here's a link Search Results for "kingdom hearts birth by sleep" you think its true? close if its already been posted
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    Something about Ven

    hey its possible. but i'm not importing it lol. I'm waiting U.S. Release. I don't wanna spoil myself lol
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    Something about Ven

    oh, sorry bout that. Hmmm maybe. Damn, I wish this game came out already!!! lol
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    Something about Ven

    Like MX found Ven or something? I think its after everthing happens in the story. but i like your idea too
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    Something about Ven

    lol i see... I have no idea what'll happen with Ven though.
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    Something about Ven

    http://playstationlifestyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/kingdomheartsbirthbysleepfacial15.jpg In this Pic. Ventus isn't wearing that symbol on his shirt or his armor. Do u think that means something?