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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    Yup I got KH2...I'll be back in a couple of weeks.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I'm so happy, just got a call from ebgames saying I could pick my game and guide tomorrow!!! 13 hours to go...Oh yeah I just have to say this...my school county sucks, no spring break until April 10th..so much for KH2 overbreak ...K peaceout going to bed, got school tomorrow
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    That's what I meant, actually the overall score might be right..gah I suck at math.
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    You people in this topic are driving me crazy..."Oh no it won't be game of the year", "the overall ranking will go down...", "IGN sucks"....People it's one review, and to say to like a site more because of it's review for KH2 is ridiculous. Who cares? Just enjoy playing the game (or getting it...
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    It's funny how people like reviews that give KH2 all praise and no criticism...but whatever, I still love KH2 and I'm getting it tomorrow no matter what reviews say.
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    I wonder how easy the game is...both IGN and Gamespot say it's incredibly easy...I might I start KH2 on proud mode. I hope the worlds aren't as small as they say.
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    KH2 vs. LOST on Wed. Night

    I'm gonna take a break tomorrow from KH2 and watch Lost...You probably all think I am crazy. Well I will probablby change my mind tomorrow after I get the game, but until then..
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    On G4

    It's a videogame channel on TV.
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    Something about the controls..

    They're pretty much the same, the camera control has been moved to the right analog stick and the ▲ button is for the "reaction command".
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    Extra stuff in the LE Guide?

    There is no disk included with the L.E. guide.
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    Did Anyone?

    It's more than worth it...just look at all the pics in this thread...
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    who would you rather play as

    Playing as Roxas would be pretty cool.
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    kh2 book

    For the haters, remember the key word of Strategy Guide is STRATEGY. It merely helps you progress through the game and tells you where items are.
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    What Guide

    Final form or valor form cover.
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    R U gonna use the KH2 strategy guide or not?

    more like 300 pages.
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    R U gonna use the KH2 strategy guide or not?

    I'm using the strategy guide the WHOLE game. Don't care what you people think, I enjoy my game my way and thats all that matters.
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    LE Guide Info Page

    Nope, on the Gamefaqs forum, a person who has the guide says it comes shrinkwrapped, so its random.
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    LE Guide Info Page

    That sucks...Well whatevr I'll be happy no matter what as long as I have the game itself.
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    LE Guide Info Page

    I'll be happy with anything but the Wisdom form. But if i could choose just one, I would pick the Final Form Cover.
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    More news on the LE strategy guide

    I just called 3 ebgames stores within a 20mile radius of where live and this is the info I got from each store 1st store: LE guide comes in with 2 soundtracks, w/ 200 pages of art, comes in metal case(!?) ships March 24th 2nd store: LE guide is bigger and different cover design, no idea when...