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    The rest of the Order's real name?

    http://www.kabalarians.com/Female/ael.htm But it's a female name, though
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    The rest of the Order's real name?

    OK, I didn't believe it at first, but maybe there really are meanings behind the names, although this really might be a coincidence: Remember Larxene the electrifying Order member goes with the name of Enelar: go here and be astonished as I was upon viewing it: http://www.enelar.com.co/
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    The rest of the Order's real name?

    it says Saix' element is the moon
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    ugly org members in kh2?

    Well, not everyone is pretty. That's life.
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    Sora's masculinity

    it is not gay when two guys dance, OMG! It is dancing. It would only maybe a little gayish if they would like dancing with guys more than with girls. Even if a guy kisses another guy (because he has to for whatever stupid reason) and doesn't like it, it is not gay.
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    Hottest Character in KH2

    Jiminy for me!
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    PASSION(ENGLISH) on Limewire

    to clear up confusion, read this http://www.soapoperafan.com/passions/misc/theme.html
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    New Keyblade (Suprise Suprise on what they are)

    Go, read my post! I said it's German. And yes, of course it is just my personal opinion, like 95% posted on this forum. But my opinion is based on the experience of coping with 7 languages and living in three different countries for more than a year. And only the Americans said that English is...
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    New Keyblade (Suprise Suprise on what they are)

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Tell me how many languages you have studied yet! I have studied English, French, Swedisch and a little bit of Latin, Ancient Greek and Japanese, originally I am from Germany. I can definetely tell you that English was the most easiest language to learn. I hear many people...
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    Roxas/BHK and the org theory

    why the heck should the Order be evil? Everyone thinks they are, but have they ever done anything evil? Who knows what Sora is going to release when he might find the door of light or Kingdom Hearts? Maybe they just know more than we (probably)! As far as we know their cause is to become...
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    Roxas/BHK and the org theory

    Actually I agree with you about Roxas being the 13th member, but it is not because he is the youngest. It was said that the number is given by the time they joined the Order, so since Roxas joins last he will have the lowest number or do you think that Luxord is really younger than Axel.
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    Official KH2 page updated?

    http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom2/ Well at least they wrote in that small news box below the menu about 2 new things, one of which is that the Twilight Town section is open, but if you click it, there's actually nothing. Expect things to come today I guess
  13. Z

    Found Something Odd!

    In one of the last promo trailers there is a short (very short) scene with Kairi and Sora in Castle Oblivion. On that screen shot Sora's larger than Kairi.
  14. Z

    Destiny Island / s ?

    With the new trailers we have the facts together! Watching the Promotional Videos featured on the official SE page we can see the older Kairi standing on a beach looking to the Island of KH1 which is opposite of that beach. It is so close that even the features of it can be recognized. If you...
  15. Z

    Roxas is probably BHK's name!!!

    The japanese subtitles say ロクサス, which is katakana and can be transferred into romaji as ro-ku-sa-su, which is pretty much Roxas. This is the official confirmation for me, from now on I will call him that. BHK - Rest in Peace
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    So not just Heartless and Nobodies.

    Jaha, jag är från Tyskland, men jag studerar i Umeå det här år.
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    So not just Heartless and Nobodies.

    Are you Swedish key-chain?
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    Farfetched KH2 theory, I want your opinion

    WARNING: Spoilers behind this link!! Clicking on own risk (it's kinda old already but still spoilerific) http://www.kh2.co.uk/index.php?subaction=showcomments&id=1134196849&archive=&start_from=&ucat=&
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    Farfetched KH2 theory, I want your opinion

    ;) Yep, that was me! I came up with the idea that I had to rethink my own theory when I read the passion lyrics the first time. Because it fits so nicely. I still believe that the beach Kairi stands on in the trailers is the real world and even maybe (look at the sky) might be a part of Twilight...
  20. Z

    Better quality Calender/Trinity Poster picture

    Kairi now looks waay to old to make for a couple with Sora