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    Junk Sweep

    PLease you must send me a vid and tell me what abilities to and not to equip. Also what items and what strategy. I am in great need of your help!
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    Rikus new look

    Second. I think I might even make some shoes like his.
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    Can anyone help me out with some Riku pics when he was on the dark beach sitting next to the water with Sora. I need a pic of his shoes and costume.
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    Anyone got pics!

    i am going to try and duplicate the shoes and costume. The shoes I have a chance of duplicating but the costume will be hard but i wuld be happy wid tha shoes cuz those shoes are TYTE!
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    This is for the people who beat kh2 no one else

    Yes it is true that he said that the armored are totally new characters, but he also said that they could be connected the Sora, Riku, Kairi. Maybe their children, or great grandchildren.
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    OH my god I can't believe I haven't seen this earlier cuz i started a whole new thread. Ooops! I need a pic of Riku's shoes when he was on the beach with Sora, and I need pics of Riku's whole costume. I was hoping they can be like when he was at the beach of darkness.
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    who's played Kingdom Hearts II

    I have beaten the game but I wanted to see the Secret Movie so I am going to finish the Jiminy Journal and beat the game again.
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    Anyone got pics!

    Does anyone have a pic of Riku's shoes with a vivid view. If any one can freeze a video, and get a pic, there is a really vivid pic of Riku's shoes when He and Sora are on the dark beach sitting right next to the water.
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    EASY Final Form leveling

    What Mysterious Tower are you talkin about?
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    Waht if the 3 knights were...

    I think the time period of the secret movie wasn't in the past but in the future. The keyblades looked very worn and ruined and rusted. There is no way that could possibly be the past because Sora got a very clean and new keyblade unless someone wanted to clean each keyblade. I don't really...
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    Waht if the 3 knights were...

    Check It THe Chasers are for now unknown to be enemies or heroes, but if they are enemies I got a crazy probably unlikely idea. THe chasers could possibly be the lost souls searching for their hearts and bodies. The Nobodies searched for their hearts and sould, the Heartless wer just crazy...
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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    THe new stategy guide is nothing compared to the old one. The new writer isn't as good as the old one. The only thing useful about the guide are maps and illustrations and that's it. Mine as well not have it.
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    any kh2 character u wanted

    First I would want to have what Riku has becaue that is just tyte! The next would probably be an Organization coat because those are just SUPA TYTE! You could scare people in those.
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    Ansem the Wise

    That makes sense Sorry!
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    Is there anyother way to find an Orichalcum because I have 1 Orichalcum left and I don't know if I should use it on Save the Queen of wait for the Ultima weapon.
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    Ansem the Wise

    I don't know if you guys probably know this or don't but I think that Ansem the Wise is Kairi's father. First it says that he ruled Radient Garden, and it says that Kairi was a Princess and was from a place similar to that of Radient Garden. I am unsure about this so if anyone knows the truth...
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    Revenge of the Nobodies

    If the Heartless come back then the Nobodies should come back since they are smarter than the Heartless. I am thinking in my head "The Battle of One Thousand Nobodies :D"
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    What random things did you notice in KH2?

    How did Sora get the Oathkeeper again? I forgot. And it doesn't really make sense how he randomly just got it.
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    KH2 Wallpaper?

    All the pics on yur web are all Xed out.
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    New Kingdom Hearts Game!...About Riku?

    Hey yo! Do you think Square Enix should have a Kingdom Hearts game about Riku, and what Riku was doing while Sora was out venturing? I think they should have a KH game based on Riku because I think Riku is better than Sora, plus I want to know what he did while he was separated from everyone...