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    mmorpg!? - Secret movie related

    Call me crazy here. But as soon as I saw the secret movie at the end of KH2, It dawned on me that this "Keyblade War" could be a basis on an MMORPG based on KH... Reasons i thought this... -Keyblade WAR <- could be a form of PvP -The shadowed figure <- could be reffering to you, like FFXI...
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    Biggs and Wedge

    What I sam saying here is that thier build just makes me think of those two characters, in both FF7 and FF8 Wedge was the taller, thinner person and Biggs was the more chubbyish person. I just checking to see wether anybody else had the same idea. - Jaxx, Jesse is a girl in the same group as...
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    Uh oh...Where's Aerith?

    I hope Rinoa is in the game, she really is the only reason i played FF8. And if she is, Angelo better be with her!
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    Biggs and Wedge

    Ok, here is a thought for you all, in the new scans from dengeki, on the pic with Seifer pointing at the BHK's team, i just thought that the chubby kid and the kid in the army like trousers/pants could be Biggs and Wedge, what are your thoughts?
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    Boss Battles

    Most definately Riku (Reverse Rebirth) He was the only boss i got stuck on. Oh and for those that have the guide, it lies! It claims that there is no way of healing! Announcement! Even if the king card isnt available you still have oogie boogie card! Its thanks to that i managed to kill him!
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    Castle Oblivion

    Hmm, If anywhere, i would say that castle Oblivion would be in "End of the world". Seeming there is no proof that he went to anothr world.
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    a final fantasy world

    To be honest I'm not quite sure, if I had to say something I'd say no to a FF world, but yes to another world like hollow bastion, and more ff characters for that matter, (I freaked out when i saw auron!)
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    How the BHK wields the Keyblades

    ...And the Keyblade thought it was its master? Odd, oh well i guess it works.
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    How the BHK wields the Keyblades

    Oh yeah, I forgot that, but Namine' had a good luck charm of her own, and gave that to The replica whilst replacing his memory, he may of gave that, back, she could've gave it to him instead of the replica.
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    How the BHK wields the Keyblades

    Not the keyblade, the KEYCHAINS.
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    How the BHK wields the Keyblades

    Ok, here is what I thought of a few minutes ago. In one of the trailers for KH2, Namine' is seen talking with the BHK. Scince she knows Sora and this was the only character that knows Sora to come across the BHK (apart from Axel) Could it be possible she gave him the keychains for the Oblivion...
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    Hidden picture!

    Call me crazy but that looks like Twilight town! Then again it looks like a lot of things, could be Disney Castle or Castle Oblivon for that matter.
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    why do u think that pete is in kh2?

    I thought it simple. Pete is kinda like malificent in KH1. He travels the worlds trying to control the heartless in each world, he could be trying to revive the fallen enimies to get control of the heartless like malificent so he could over throw king mickey. Which could link to another thing...
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    the heartless will stop taking hearts!

    Just so people know, this 'machine' is called the World Terminus. And I'm not too sure, the door could of just been 1 of many leading to a larger. Like the princesses to the final keyhole.