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    A tough decision

    Well, if you want to save $25, yeah, read the script like squall said. Unless playing GBA games keeps you out of boredom (and you have $25 to spend) then yes. I'm going to say it's not worthless, but it provides $25 worth of entertainment! But..... if you're poor like me, I suggest reading the...
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    Happy Birthday COM!!

    YAY!!! Happy Birthday to the bestest GBA game I own!!!!! *starts playing again* I liked the card system! I'm one of those weird people who thought it was fun and entertaining... GO CoM!!!!!
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    Second Installment to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Novel

    Yeah, I prefer to wait for the English too. But, seriously, I so did not know there was gonna be a novel for CoM. That's cool...
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    Just keep fighting Heartless. Your bound to come across a card you need sometime... Unless you're like me and take three hours just to get the freakin card you need! Grr....
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    level in CoM

    My Sora was level 39 and my Riku was level 45. Only cause Ansem was a little tougher than I though he was gonna be...
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    Namie and BHK

    Hmm... Namine looks like Roxas? Don't think so. In my opinion I don't think we're supposed to know the "origin" of Namine. It may be one of those things where we'll just never know and just let it be. 'Sides, analyzing things too much makes my brain hurt...
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    Final Fantasy 7 Last Order

    This may not be the best place to put this, even if it is anime, but anyway, back to my point. Does anyone know much about it? Only thing I heard is that it's coming in english in 06, and most people are saying it's a movie. So, does anyone know anything and could tell me?
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    Personally, I liked to play around with Riku, but his side was too short. But then I also liked Sora's side because I'm the kind of freak that likes to put decks together for fun. And because his side of the game was much longer. Seriously, I beat Riku's side in one day. Too easy, ya know. So, I...
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    Yeah, the card system is messed up. But, if you've already beaten the game, then it shouldn't matter what cards you have, cause you know you can beat it again and again if you wanted to. Plus, moogle points are very easy to get, so if you keep buyin then you're bound to find something good! :)
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    Kingdom hearts Com: Gold soul eater

    A gold Souleater, huh? That's pretty weird if ya ask me. I like the normal one much better. But, it'd be awesome to have, I suppose.
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    Which path? (inspired poll)

    The road.... to dawn...... *shifty eyes*
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    If you Could Chooe a Path

    I would choose the road to dawn! Yeah Riku!!!
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    need help

    Yeah, I'm pretty good at diving right into things and beating them easily. I guess just be at a good level and have a nice deck. I've beaten that part a long time ago, and haven't really played it in a while. Keep at it!
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    StainGlass Princesses question???

    Well, probably cause there were seven princesses to open the final door. Wendy would've made eight.
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    You Know You've Played Too Much KH When...

    I don't know if anyone has said/posted this one: When you get your hair styled as one of the characters. Yes, I have done this. My hair is styled like Kairi's right now! Except for the color. My mom wouldn't let me...
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    riku or sora

    Riku is OK, but Sora is so much better. Sora's much more fun to drag everywhere! hehe... but that's beside the point.
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    What Made You Buy Kingdom Hearts!?

    Hmm... my friend Annie kinda, got me into it. She was talking about getting CoM on these forums, so I thought I'd check it out. I became in love with it that I went to the nearest EB store and bought it. Thankfully it was back out on Greatest Hits.
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    Sora and BHK...brothers?

    I highly doubt that Square would make them brothers. And, I believe (from one of the trailers) that Namine told him something (possibly the connection between him and Sora) and he said "But what does all this mean?" But, who knows. I suck at lip reading.
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    Need Assisantance

    Yeah, but if it's equal to that number, zeros won't work unless it's the number equal to.
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    Need Assisantance

    Hmm, the moogle shop doesn't sell cards for opening doors, so that won't help. And, you said EQUAL to nine? Zero cards don't work for doors like that. Just keep fighting, there's no easy way to get a nine! (trust me, lol!)