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    Film ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake

    Oh Halle...the star that you are. I finally saw the movie today and it was very enjoyable! I found it particularly emotional in scenes where Ariel voices her longing for a different world and wanting to be a part of it-- because I could relate to that feeling so much. Her voice, as I already...

    How many times have you played each game

    You asked played but I'm going to include cutscenes watched since that counts for something imo lol I've watched full cutscene movies of the series for every game up until and not including KH3. Most watched is probably BBS and Days (probably because it's already short). KH2 ends up spanning for...

    What is your WORST KH moment?

    Recently played all the games completely through again. BBS Final Mix - Terra's final boss aka Terranort I was a "bit" underleveled and it was critical mode. Terranort's Ars Solum would be an INSTAKILL if he caught me in the combo because it was inescapable (no, I didnt have Once More...or...

    Film ► Lilo & Stitch live-action remake

    should've been the other girl (Nani). Casting looks atrocious.

    Poll Time: Which Ghost Drive form is your favorite between Riku and Aqua? {Riku’s version 👻} or {Aqua’s version ⚡️}

    Wow, maybe it's been a while since I went in depth with DDD's links but I don't recall ever seeing Riku's drive form. I loved Aqua's though. It was my favorite in BBS. But looking at these images, Riku's seems slightly cooler.

    Would you want Disney to buy more companies?

    Join the Disney Dynasty as family! Together we will devour the very gods!

    Can we talk about how atrocious the Remind Limit Cut voice acting is?

    If that was the goal/intention by the VA, it was executed horribly. You're not going to convince me that his performance in that scene was anything better than bad. That's just not reality. Maybe all of the fault of the bad performance can't be put on the VA but also on higher ups but the...


    I still haven’t finished Data Org battles. Was Yozora that hard?

    Film ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake

    It's weird because I remember watching the Super Bowl and anticipated them showing a trailer for the movie but instead they showed a different Disney commercial (celebrating Disney 100 or something? idk) but they included TLM Live Action with already seen clips. Also strange to me that they only...

    Film ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake

    Interesting to me that this wasn’t released during the super bowl. Maybe that’d be the wrong audience? Perhaps at the Oscars instead.

    Spoilers ► Is the story of Kingdom Hearts really that confusing?

    My question is does she remember what she experienced? It's implied that she's at least somehwat familiar with the past's events (Book of Prophecies, etc.). It also wouldn't cause any paradoxes for her to remember since the past is in the past, unlike if she were able to remember the future if...

    KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX- OSTs available on streaming services

    Ummmm this is literally a dream come true. I was lamenting for the past month that we only have KH3 on Spotify. Yoko Shimomura is literally a genius and that isn't discussed enough.

    suppose If Kingdom Hearts ever did go the Final fantasy route...(Fun discussion)

    I like the idea but the more I think about, I don't know if the variation would be as exciting/original as Final Fantasy. FFVII is very different from FFX which is very different from FFXIII which is very different from FFXV. The only restriction is that Final Fantasy has to be...fantasy...

    Can we talk about how atrocious the Remind Limit Cut voice acting is?

    I was hesistant to bring the voice acting up in general because I remember reading somewhere that the voice actors aren't giving much direction when doing their lines. The energy between Terra and Riku in their Limit Cut interation was equally bland from both parties so I shrugged it off...

    Spoilers ► Can the Disney Castle characters die?

    DDD Traverse Town saga already tells us that time flows differently in different worlds. I don't see much reason to ponder beyond that (besides the Timeless River mystery).

    Can we talk about how atrocious the Remind Limit Cut voice acting is?

    It’s never been amazing but Limit Cut was giving fan made. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Riku speak, especially in Radiant Garden. Easily the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard in Kingdom Hearts. Aqua and Terra were fine in BBS and better in 0.2. However, even they took a dive in KH3...

    Can we talk about how atrocious the Remind Limit Cut voice acting is?

    And before anyone makes a comment about beating a dead horse....in my defense I wasn't visiting the forums when this was first released (if this was ever discussed) sooo aka I don't care. Riku's VA in particular giving FORCED, STIFF, held at gunpoint, "I'm just here for a check", and last but...

    CAN Riku use Darkness to its full extent, actually?

    To answer the thread title, no. I don't think we have to look anywhere beyond DDD and KH2 to answer this: And then in KH2 where Mickey says that Riku doesn't belong to the dark realm anymore so he couldn't open a dark corridor in TWTNW. Thus, I would say that Riku has conquered the darkness...

    About the 13 Darkness's, (x era ) (theory)

    But was Vanitas destroyed? Vanitas was manifested in some "physical" form but Ventus and Vanitas recombine in BBS' Keyblade Graveyard to become what is nicknamed Venitas and this is where he fights Aqua and Mickey. Meanwhile, Ventus and Vanitas seem to battle inside Ven's heart/body. Aqua was...

    About the 13 Darkness's, (x era ) (theory)

    I still question if Vanitas is the same as one of the Darknesses. I think maybe: 1. He is one of the Darknesses. 2. Master Xehanort extracted Ventus' own darkness and the true Darkness laid hidden (this would open several other questions though). 3. Vanitas is just a combination of both...