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  1. Strawberry

    When do you think the release day could be?

    I think Dec 2017 or Jan 2018.
  2. Strawberry

    Should The New Five Leaders reunite in KH3?

    Ok, so since we know Ventus, Skuld, Ephemera, Blaine and a mystery fifth person are leaders, do you think they would reunite in KH3?
  3. Strawberry

    Who do you think the two mystery leaders are?

    We know that Skuld, Ephemera and Ventus are 3 out of the 5 leaders we know, but who do you think the other two are? i heared silly rumors like it's Terra and Aqua , or Eraqes and Xehanort, i want new characters to be the two other leaders
  4. Strawberry

    Would you prefer if roles were switched?

    if Aqua was asleep, Ven was possessed and Terra was in the ROD? instead of what we got.
  5. Strawberry

    If the BBS trio had a forth member, what would their fate be?

    I really really like that idea.
  6. Strawberry

    My Predicted Playable Characters

    Epilogue Young Xehanort : After the cutscene in the E3 trailer where YX plays chess with Eraqus , the game could start off as Young Xehanort , maybe trying to find out more about the book of prophecies?, the destined to clash, then possible mentions "the one to defeat darkness...the boy...Sora"...
  7. Strawberry

    What do you want to see in KH3?

    I know this question may have been asked countless time, but i love to hear people thoughts. 1. Sora and Kairi become a couple 2. Sora meets/VS Vanitas 3. Roxas meets Ventus 4. Roxas, Xion, Vanitas and Namine to return (they probably will) 5. Lea mistaking Ventus for Roxas 6. Lea...
  8. Strawberry

    If the BBS trio had a forth member, what would their fate be?

    Say if a fourth member joined Ventus, Terra and Aqua and became best friends and went of to other worlds like they did, and fought in the battle, Ventus lost his heart and is now asleep in CO, Terra gets posessed while Aqua gets trapped in RoD, what do you think would happen to the fourth...
  9. Strawberry

    Have Ventus and Kairi met, inside Sora's heart?

    No, he meant "Pure Light". Ventus only became one after MX stripped him of darkness - Vanitas.
  10. Strawberry

    Which KH character did you fall in love with / still love?

    When you first played Kingdom Hearts, which KH character did you fall in love with / still love or have a slight crush on? Mine is Roxas and Ventus, and still is :redface: RIku's hot too
  11. Strawberry

    Can i go to another world if i'm already in one world?

    I am on Notre Dame with both Sora and Riku, but i'm stuck on the flying boss fight (Riku) and the poisonous flowers (Sora). Could i go to another world on the map or am i stuck on this world like in CoM?
  12. Strawberry

    Nobody name?

    I was wondering what my name would be if i had a nobody. My name is Lyndsey :cool: also, what would your nobody name be, i would love to know
  13. Strawberry

    (SPOILERS) So..what was she doing after 2.0?

    Ok, if 0.2 is suppose to see what Aqua was up to for the past 10-12 years in the RoD, what did she do during CoM onwards? The part where Mickey and Aqua find Riku is suppose to be set during the ending of KH1, but she is then blown away into a door after a heartless/unversed attacked her, and...
  14. Strawberry

    0.2 BBS Questions (SPOILERS)

    I just completed 0.2 Birth By Sleep, now these things got me thinking, i may had missed bits out because i kept getting interrupted... 1. Merlin will train Lea and Kairi, and not Yen Sid? 2. When Xehanort took most of Sora's powers, did Sora forget some past events too, maybe faces, worlds...
  15. Strawberry

    Which Youtubers did you unsubscribe from and why?

    Mine has to be Ellie Steadman, Why? her videos were great to start off with, She is a Disney lover , beauty and style vlogger, but since her weekly vlogs she has done nothing but brag about her new Disney job. I am truly happy for her, but it's come to a point now that she just wont shut up...
  16. Strawberry

    [SPOILER] 2.8 Voices

    Why are people hating on Alyson Stoner for voicing Kairi? if it's because she voiced Xion, people seriously need to grow up, Xion is a video game character. I think the new voice suites Kairi well, better thank Hayden portrayed IMO
  17. Strawberry

    Riku and Kairi's outfits in KHUX Annivesry is NOT their KH3 outfits.

    According to an interview with Tetsyma Nomura, the artwork featuring Sora, Riku, Kairi, Skuld, Ephemera and Ventus says that the outfits that Riku and Kairi are wearing are not the official KH3 outfits. He went on to say that Riku's official outfit will be similar to that outfit, but said...
  18. Strawberry

    Was Kingdom Hearts only meant to be one game?

    I heared somewhere that Kingdom Hearts was suppose to be the first and only game, but after success, they continued a story for it...
  19. Strawberry

    What would ruin KH3 for you? - Story wise.

    Not as in gameplay, i mean by the plot, like if Terra never came back, or Sora dies, Xehanort winning ect.. Mine would be : Roxas ending up with Namine and Roxas and Ven merging ps: I have nothing against Rokunami, I much prefer him with Xion.