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  1. DJFirewolf

    News ► Nintendo releases HQ renders for The World Ends With You -Final Remix-

    Yeah it bugs me that Shiki is incomplete but the others are full body renders. Also where's Rhyme? o.0
  2. DJFirewolf

    Theory: The Dwarf Woodlands COULD have been in the original kingdom hearts (Spoilers)

    My assumption was that Snow White would have been the princess that was taken prior to Alice in the timeline, since it's an alternate scene if you leave Wonderland before Alice disappears. I believe I read in an interview or Director's Report from Nomura that the characters on the platforms at...
  3. DJFirewolf

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix Screenshots from Game Watch!

    Re: New Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Screenshots from Game Watch! Why does Aurora's model look much better in the PSP screenshot than in the HD one. Her eyelashes are different and her hands and sleeves aren't as smooth.
  4. DJFirewolf

    playing order

    See this is probably how I was going to play it, except Nomura also said that the storyline takes off in different directions and it gets really confusing, so I'm just going to play it in the order that the story gives me the best experience.
  5. DJFirewolf

    I spy Braig

    If it is Braig, the fact that he's featured on here makes it seem pretty important IMO. The one next to Cinderella doesn't look like Zexion at all. I thought it was Yuffie, and then I realized what game this was. I wonder who it could be...
  6. DJFirewolf

    Special Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Countdown!

    I'd also like to point out that Nomura has stated his favorite Organization member was Luxord the Kingdom Hearts Character Report Volume 2. And Xigbar is his favorite character in Days's multiplayer mode.
  7. DJFirewolf

    Where does 358/2 Days take place in the KH timeline?

    Also, once Sora goes to sleep at the end of Chain of Memories, Roxas falls into a coma for about a week or so.
  8. DJFirewolf

    Reverse/Rebirth Unversed/Unbirth

    I just noticed the connection between the Unversed/Unbirths and Reverse/Rebirth, as "Rebirth" and "Reverse" are homophones in Japanese, same as "Unbirths" and "Unversed". To redo something is the act of doing it again, and to undo something is to eliminate it. "Re-verse" makes me think that the...
  9. DJFirewolf

    BBS Soundtrack?

    I don't know if there would be a 99% chance for Fate of the Unknown, since most of Another Side (specifically the battle music) wasn't incorporated into KH2 as it should have been. (Though it does turn up in 358/2 Days, appropriately during the Roxas vs Riku encounter). I think Shimomura has...
  10. DJFirewolf

    DS/Riku/Maleficent Thought

    Riku didn't encounter Xehanort's Heartless until after Sora fought him in the Hollow Bastion Entrance Hall, a match that included Riku's dark suit. It appears on him once Riku says "The darkness will destroy you." Once he is defeated, the suit vanishes and doesn't reappear until Xehanort's...
  11. DJFirewolf

    The "Chaser" symbol revealed! (possibly...)

    It is interesting how they even bothered filling this in with an X in a spiked circle, though mostly everyone says it was a crown. I just wonder why they bothered blocking it in the first place. Also where did anyone ever think that this had any connection with the Chasers at all? Sorry, it's...
  12. DJFirewolf

    Marluxia Music

    I have the CoM Soundtrack. It's right from the game, so it's not entirely clear, but it's still worth it. And the Marluxia songs (remember he had two battles) are called 'Battle of Another Side' and 'Final Battle'.
  13. DJFirewolf

    How do I learn sleights from Riku's Storyline?

    Personally, I loved fighting as Riku more than Sora. Maybe he was faster or something. I know his dodge and jump was better.
  14. DJFirewolf

    The person at the end of the secret ending of kh2

    No one knows, they're entirely new people
  15. DJFirewolf

    Kingdom Hearts 2 kinda dumb question

    I'm not sure but maybe each time, only one place opens for you with each page, so try to revisit the same places in the book and talk to people. Try to trigger cutscenes that way. Something may happen. Sorry I couldn't help more.
  16. DJFirewolf

    Vid Help...

    The left side goes all weird... hmmm... that has happened to me once before... I'm trying to remember what I did to fix it. Make sure you have the correct codecs to play everything. Download <a href=http://downloads.xvid.org/downloads/xvidcore-1.1.0.zip>this</a>, and <a...
  17. DJFirewolf

    music in kh2

    Did you also notice those are the only worlds techincally credited in the CoM credits, especially for having lyrics. (which they're the only ones to, as well)
  18. DJFirewolf

    Fantasia alla Marcia

    Here's a link to the song! Fantasia Alla Marcia And it's played during the credits.
  19. DJFirewolf

    Now we know how he got it

    The doors are the same so I believe Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are in Yen Sid's castle. It'll be interesting to see how Maleficent appears there.
  20. DJFirewolf

    Kingdom Hearts 2...the Zelda killer?

    I think the Playstation 2 fans will flock to KH2 and the Nintendo fans will flock to Zelda: TP, and there'll be some in the middle who DiZ will make choose, lol! :p