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  1. Behonkiss

    Who could you see providing new themes besides Utada?

    Obviously, Utada Hikaru contributed the series' two most iconic themes, but it still seems to be very up in the air whether she'll return for KH3, since she's been on hiatus for years and only now apparently has a new album in the works. This has got me wondering, since if she doesn't return...
  2. Behonkiss

    What are you hoping for most from the Premium Theater?

    We're less than a month away from the next KH-themed event on November 3, and it seems likely that we'll get some sort of new information regarding KH3. Which of the above sound most intriguing to you?
  3. Behonkiss

    Non-KH songs you associate with the series

    I've come to realize that I don't associate the Ed Sheeran song I See Fire with The Hobbit at this point, but Kingdom Hearts. It's pretty easy to think of Xehanort, the Organization, and the Heartless as the titular fire. I actually intend to make an AMV with it chronicling the whole series...
  4. Behonkiss

    Your favorite Sora outfit

    Now that we have a new outfit confirmed for Sora in KHIII, I thought it would be fun to gauge opinions on the numerous clothes he's had throughout the series. Also feel free to post why your favorite is just that.
  5. Behonkiss

    What would you like to see in a KH3 E3 trailer?

    Whether or not Kingdom Hearts III will have any substantial presence at this year's E3 is something we won't know until Square Enix wraps up their press conference, but I'm assuming that at most we'll get a new trailer of some sort. Just curious: What elements of the game would you most like to...
  6. Behonkiss

    Video about Kingdom Hearts V-Cast

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bcv1VBuBfw Anyone else remember hearing about this inbetween KH1 and 2? Doesn't look like it was good at all, but it's an interesting piece of lost history for the series.
  7. Behonkiss

    Rock Band (RB4 releasing later this year)

    Has anyone else ever been a fan of this series? I was hopelessly addicted to RB2 and later 3 up until they stopped releasing song DLC a while back, but now a full-fledged revival for PS4 and XB1 is coming soon in the form of Rock Band 4. It's already been confirmed that previous DLC and game...
  8. Behonkiss

    Funniest KH-related stuff you've seen on other sites

    What are some funny things you've read, heard, or seen on other sites and boards regarding KH in general? I can't resist linking this ridiculous video. Especially love how deadpan Roxas is, the "I can't kill you" twist ending, and the cameraman not being edited out at the beginning and the...
  9. Behonkiss

    Worlds you'd like to see in KH3 despite being unlikely

    Obviously, even though interviews have confirmed that Disney basically gave the KH3 team free reign to pick the game's themed worlds, the majority of them are likely to be based on prominent and successful Disney properties, with maybe one or two surprises along the lines of Tron and Timeless...
  10. Behonkiss

    Just registered today

    Hullo! Though I've been following the main KHInsider site and Twitter since around KH3's announcement in 2013, I haven't thought to take a look at the forums until now. I've been a fan of the series since it started, and thought it would be fun to discuss both it and other games with others...
  11. Behonkiss

    Would you be OK with the series taking a break after KH3?

    While it's already been confirmed that there will be more games in the series after KH3, does anyone else think that it wouldn't be an awful idea for the series to go on hiatus for a few years? Considering that it looks like 3 will wrap up all the plot threads established so far, we probably...