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    Does the new definition of Gamer piss anyone else off?

    Ive heard people say before "You arent a gamer unless you play Call of Duty" or "only Halo players are gamers" It pisses me off so much people who never picked up a game controller before modernwarfare 2 came out and then they say they are a gamer and that everyone who is a gamer isnt a gamer...
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    Kid shooting himself rumor

    I have never been raped so I would have no idea how I would feel after that. BUT I have known people who have that have a stronger will to live than most people who are better off than them. My gf has even had suicidal thoughts and I dont blame her for thinking about it. everyone thinks about...
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    Kid shooting himself rumor

    I can only see one acceptable reason for suicide. Everyone you ever interact with being dead.
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    Kid shooting himself rumor

    It may be the only solution they can see but that doesnt make it right.
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    Kid shooting himself rumor

    Well Im sorry I figured you would have gotten the fact that it was a joke with the "haha thats why people hate americans" part but since you didnt Im sorry. But I will not appolagize for the other part about someone that stupid deserving to die. Well unless he seriously had some kind of mental...
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    Kid shooting himself rumor

    The whole american thing was a joke chill out. But americans speak differently than every other english speaking country except maybe canada. But to off yourself for something as pathetic as how a word is said is just plain stupid and if someone that messed up didnt kill themselves they would...
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    Kid shooting himself rumor

    Either way the way he spelled it and the way you spelled it doesnt sound much different. Its still japanese and I live in 'Merica where we speak american not some rice lovin jibber jabber. HAHA and thats why people in other countries hate us. But still anyone who would shoot themselves over...
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    Kid shooting himself rumor

    Anyone who would do that deserves to die anyways. I highly doubt its true but it is something that not only deserves death but immediate resurection and death again.
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    If you want to read a story that makes no sense click here.

    Me and a friend wrote this story a long time ago and thankfully my writing has gotten better from this. But I will change a few things from the original source to make it a little bit better. Yesterday, while I was washing my cow, my dog rode up to me on a skateboard and told me to dig up...
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    Help/Support ► FFX chess set.

    I almost put the aeons as pawns too but same problem. then i thought about the aeons being all the pieces but then didnt know who the evil ones should be. Braskas final summon could be something for the bad guys and maybe maester kinoc cuz he doesnt care about throwing lives away for a lost cause
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    Help/Support ► FFX chess set.

    Ok this is my oppinion but King- Tidus Queen- Yuna Knight- Auron Bishop- Lulu Rook- Wakka or possibly Rikku Pawns- Crusaders King- Sin Queen- Yunalesca knight- Seymoure Bishop- Sinspawn with the shell that you fight on the steps to kilika temple Rook- Sinspawn that you fight in Zanarkand...
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    Pearl Jam or Nirvana?

    Simply who do you like better? Its hard to say for me but I might just go with Nirvana
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    So if the number on the box of my processor is .1 less than the requirements for a game would i be able to play?
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    1 corinthians 15:12-19

    12 Now if Christ is proclaimed as raised from the dead, how can some of you say there is no resurrection of the dead? 13If there is no resurrection of the dead, then Christ has not been raised; 14and if Christ has not been raised, then our proclamation has been in vain and your faith has been in...
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    YouTube - parts of the brain
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    Help/Support ► Dissocial Personality Disorder

    well That would have matched me back in 7th grade 9th grade now. It was just a short term thing and i dont know why it happened. I just now realized I acted like that then. I think it had something to do with realizing that people are stupid. Then I lookded at it a little more and realized Im...
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    Help/Support ► Random Rantings that no One Has to Read

    Hmmm I actually read this. I can understand this a little bit. I have seen it with other people a lot. I have a friend that used to tell me absolutly everything. She had much the same problem once. I just told her that she should forget about it that didnt help her so thats not what im going to...
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    Old Daisy v Jessica simpson daisy

    Like it says the old Daisy Duke or Jessica Simpson as Daisy? I Choose the old one
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    The magic is back

    oh KH2 had a different writer? well in that case it may have the magic again. but slightly different