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    Now THIS is Hysterical

    So I was perusing around YouTube and happened upon this little slice of heaven. So if you need a laugh, please, it's absolutely side spilting. YouTube - Grape stomper I Love Youtube.
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    Roxas vs Axel

    I personally believe that Axel has a better character than Roxas. Besides, I admire Axel, so Axel all the way! Roxas has nothing on him in my views.
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    It has sure been awhile....

    Wow, I feel like I haven’t been here in ages, even though my absence was only a few months. Well, I’ve returned to the beloved forums. ^ ^ I look forward to posting and so forth again. Also, seeing as how the US release of KH2 is coming, things should be quite exciting here. PS- Hope everyone...
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    Thread of the Year: BHK's NAME IS NOT REVEALED.

    Re: BHK's NAME IS REVEALED. Are you serious? A truck? I really hope this wasn't one big joke. Probably is. *shoots* That's for killing my hopes!
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    Lilo & Stitch, in KH2, why not?

    Whether or not Lilo & Stitch is in KH2, I think it may be a enjoyable world, since there is much action in L&S. The only reason I would not enjoy it is because at times it seems childish, and I prefer a deeper story. However, if the world went along with the storyline smoothly, it may be a good...
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    Fanfiction ► [:::Project -- Untitled:::]

    It's well on it's way to becoming a great Fan fic, MB. The theme is solid, the character, Dorvin, is a well suited for the role. All in all, keep at it. =D
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    New picture of Axel in TT!!!!!

    That pic totally made my day! Axel!! Thanks again NEO.
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    New Scans!!!

    I love the new look. Very old-fashioned. That will be one awesome world, even though Donald and Goofy remind me of puppets. XD
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    Is Diz using Riku to destroy the 13th order?

    It is possible that Diz may use Riku for his own purposes. It seems very logical.
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    just a thought

    Most likely, BHK is his own person...no combinations. But a good thought.
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    Axel.... the Enigmatic Man?

    Going by all the facts between interviews and Com and such, Axel has no intention of destroying the ORG. Those who were killed were going against the Org, therefore, they were done away with. True, it seems that Diz has intentions on doing away with the ORG himself, but Axel is not apart of...
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    13th order theroy

    I have my doubts that there are more than thirteen members. If Diz really does have plans on taking down the Order, than he would use such souls as Riku or Mickey...and what better way to mess with the Org than to make those like Riku and Mickey one of them. If one ponders it, it makes much...
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    BHK/Sora question.

    It is truly unclear as to why BHK possesses Oathkeeper and Oblivion. It is through the connection between himself and Sora, most likely, that he can weild them. Or perhaps the slight chance that someone is messing around with facts. BHK and Namine may know each other, but who's to say for sure...
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    Why is KH2...

    As time progresses..more difficulties arise. Also, it's KH2, ofcourse it's going to be harder.
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    Marluxia in KH2???

    Marluxia fell to the void..there is no coming back for him.
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    Probably stupid

    Always keep an open mind...but I highly doubt that there is another Sora running amidst the worlds.
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    A possible Fusion Theory

    The "one sky, one destiny" poem could refer to many connections, not connections through fusion alone. Although, fusion proves a connection. But, in my opinion, it relates to all that is within the heart, friendship, that all has one very simple connection. Apart of that also can refer to the...
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    Just a thought

    *Perhaps Diz plans to utilize Riku's powers to take down the ORG...that's why Diz behaves so suttle around him. *It wasn't HB, it was believed to be Twilight Town. *These are more..questions..than a thought. XD
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    Kingdom Key Forever!

    That's just the way it works..a very simple system. They are demos...they can strenghten the Kingdom key and health, and all those factors to make it easier for people..so they don't die intstantly. There most likely will be keychains in KH2, though.
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    What should we expect?

    Expect many twists and turns..along with deep storyline.