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  1. laddyboy12

    Music you'd like to hear rearranged for 0.2

    Silent Forest was always a favorite of mine from BBS, a rearranged version would be great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJHfNwiF454
  2. laddyboy12

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

  3. laddyboy12

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Love the Final Mix version of KH2, but realized that I didn't like KH2 as a whole as much as I once thought I did. KH2 used to be my favorite game, but I dunno, after playing through KH1 and going straight into KH2 it just feels more...bland. Still like KH2, but not as much as I used to...
  4. laddyboy12

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Companion App

    Would you want to see a companion app for Kingdom Hearts 3 like games such as Fallout 4 are doing? And if so, what would you want the companion app to be able to do?
  5. laddyboy12

    Brown Robe Theory

    Ummm pretty sure MX was at Destiny Islands to catalyst the events of KH1, not to see the destruction of his home world. Hence why he was waiting there for Sora for like 9 years. Also, the reason he's hunched over is because he doesn't have a freaking body.
  6. laddyboy12

    Which character do you not want to saved?

    You read that right, with all of the characters Sora and the others have to save in KH3 which one would you rather be left unsaved? For instance, I really wouldn't mind if Roxas got left unsaved. Unpopular opinion I know, but I just find him really whiny and wouldn't mind if I never saw him...
  7. laddyboy12

    Mark of Mastery Exam

    K who else thinks that Aqua and Terra had it wayyyyyy easier for the MoM Exam?? All they had to do was hit some bubbles and then fight each other (which it seems like they did quite frequently already). Sora and Riku had to freaking go through multiple worlds fighting some of the biggest bosses...
  8. laddyboy12

    Kingdom Hearts Theatrhythm

    What ever happened to KH Theatrhythm? I know that the creator of Theatrhythm said he might be interested in a KH version but that was like over a year ago. Any news since then?? Cuz I think KH Theatrhythm would be amazing.
  9. laddyboy12

    Classic Command System or Command Deck?

    https://youtu.be/MJyvB0Q0-WA?t=1m2s I think the biggest issue with the mixed system would be having good commands and good keyblade attacks thus making us gods in the game. So, if they mix it and find a way to make it balanced as well it'll be amazing.
  10. laddyboy12

    Classic Command System or Command Deck?

    Which command system do you think (or do you want) the Fragmentary Passage to have in 2.8? The classic command system or the command deck? Or would you rather see something new altogether?
  11. laddyboy12

    Boss music for roxas?

    When you fight Roxas in The World That Never Was "The Other Promise" plays. One of the reasons why I purposely keep the fight going on for a long time is just to hear that song. So good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9XljBWGrRQ
  12. laddyboy12

    KH2.8 post credits - KH3 trailer or something unique?

    Re: KH2.8 post credits-KH3 trailer or something unique. !!Major topic!! Has the language of sarcasm been lost to all???
  13. laddyboy12

    KH2.8 post credits - KH3 trailer or something unique?

    Re: KH2.8 post credits-KH3 trailer or something unique. !!Major topic!! I'd like to see a snippet from KH 2.9, which follows what exactly Ventus has been dreaming about while he's been napping
  14. laddyboy12


    Playing bbs on critical mode with Aqua got me like WHY U DO DIS TO MEH BUNNIES
  15. laddyboy12

    The Lord of the Rolls

    I don't know if you guys have tried the utter glory that is King's Hawaiian Rolls, but if you haven't toasted them with some butter then you have never lived. On that note, in your opinion, what brand of rolls deserves the title "The Lord of the Rolls?"
  16. laddyboy12

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 - BOXART Concept

    Quite literally, the best thing I have ever seen. I'll be disappointed with the real box art is now because of the high expectations you set. Oh, and Airbag, yours is nice too I guess.
  17. laddyboy12

    Would you like to see anything included with 2.8?

    Using the reciprocal identity... Melted plastic + regret = fire legos?
  18. laddyboy12

    Would you like to see anything included with 2.8?

    I want a lego depicting the scene from DDD when Xehanort and company meet at the white room with the high chairs and Lea comes chakrams a' blazin. It'll be a big box.
  19. laddyboy12

    How hard is the Dustflier?

    There are more bosses than just the Dustflier that you need to worry about if you play Days. 358/2 is one of the more challenging games in the KH series; challenging and extremely tedious. However, it is totally worth playing if you are a KH fan. If you can get past the monotonousness of the...
  20. laddyboy12

    The issues with Kingdom Hearts 3D

    It's all good! :smile: