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    lulz rage moar he's not a guy at his computer on a kingdom heart's forum. he's a guy who's been a part of some of the greatest games to ever be played. ever. tl;dr he's a busy guy, and shit is gonna come up when you're a busy guy. /thread
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    Someone please clarify..

    When is the release date for BBS? Google isn't helping, I'm getting random dates. Sometime at the end of this month, June 1st, and some even say Fall.
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    The Fate of Ven

    Why do you ask questions and not read the answers? His heart was missing a piece.
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    Is Vanitas...

    Re: Vanitas the real Sora? Hmm.. It's possible.. You make some good points- Stfu dude. What are you on? If it sounds crazy it isn't true. Give me 3 reasons WHY Vanitas could be Sora.
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    just a thought but....

    That wasn't really Terra. It was just his suit of armor come to life supposedly. Lingering Sentiment. Xemnas is Xehanort's nobody. Ansem is Xehanorts heartless. Xehanort's story: "Found in Radiant Garden not knowing anything of his past. Ansem the Wise (Not the heartless,. Thats two...
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    Okay, Bets are on!

    Who cares? Really. Don't tell me it bothers you because people have their opposing opinions on a game that you might like when it's released. Also: Well said.
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    Why are Ven's eyes lifeless? because he's DEAD!

    Exactly. Now this is the dumbest theory ever.
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    My true name is...

    Thanks. It was really bugging me out.
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    My true name is...

    YouTube - 358/2 Days, English cutscene: 03 - The Dark Margin That scene really pisses me off for some reason. I had to play it over twice to make sure something wasn't wrong with my speakers. What do you think Xemnas said? I tried reading his lips but then I remembered even if it synced to...
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    YouTube - Dramatic Chipmunk Breaks Out I thought the dramatic chipmunk was funny, but this makes it a shitload funnier. Asians.. God's greatest invention.
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    [bbs]I just hope Nomura doesn't pull a KOTOR

    Wouldn't have anyone else remembered who Ven/What Ven's past was?
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    Which battle do you like? (KH2)

    Xaldin. Shit was hard the first time, yo. Edit: And Roxas vs Axel. Mansion.
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    Unversed are artifical heartless. Vanitas is ansem's heartless. and Current Ansem is a noobody

    Personally, I'm tired of hearing these theories.. The game comes out in FIVE days (In Japan). If you're that desperate, wait for the game to come out and spoil it on youtube. I think Vanitas is his own character. Vanitas isn't Sora. Sora is 4 at the time. Vanitas isn't Xehanort. Vanitas isn't...
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    Lol, isn't that out already? It's like another remix of the game, with a secret ending. Correct me, please if I'm mistaken.
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    so how long do you think we'll have to wait...

    For the intro: A day. To translate: Maybe two. 3 days? For every cutscene: To beat the game; two days. To upload it; maybe a day or two. To translate EVERYTHING; a week. Around 10 days?
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    Expections about the music in BBS

    Utada Hikaru must be in this game.
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    Why Vanitas Might Be a Ven Replica

    I like the idea of it. It's a very possible one. The two are obviously connected.
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    What if Vanitas is Master Eraqus?

    Now you're just pushing it lol. Vanitas is a boy. "Vanitas.. The masked boy. You know him." Eraquas is a middle aged man or so. And Vanitas doesn't sound like a middle aged man.
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    What are the new type of enemy called?

    Unversed is a mistranslation. I thought I didn't need to explain what was already explained in the last few posts if you even read them.. Heartless and Nobodies are connected to them.
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    What are the new type of enemy called?

    They are the Unbirths. Not too much info on them. They look alot like heartless. Unversed - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship They're related to heartless I think. They do have a similar, if not, the same logo. Too lazy to check but I don't know. You...