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    Full Famitsu Scans

    In the second scan where it shows ventus in his armor , you can seee part of a eye, whos eye is it
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    ven's full name

    flame if you like but Did we get confirmation that ven's full name is ventus.Also i was playing unlimited saga there was a character iwas playing as named ventus.
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    Aqua,Namine Roxas,Ven

    i didnt put much deatail flame is u want lol
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    Aqua,Namine Roxas,Ven

    so in BBS Aqua and Ven and aqua are best friends and seem very close to each other like roxas and namine do. do you think there is a connection.
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    Do you think that the xenahort ansem the wise found maybe be a unbirth of a character in bbs.
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    the ven is sora theory dun dun duuuuuuh

    Um that could maybe hapen
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    When the heartless invade destiny islands and when sora goes to the secret place why was kairi in the secret place and what was she doing there.
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    weird picture i found in KH

    <a href='http://psp.ign.com/dor/objects/964460/kingdom-hearts-birth-by-sleep/images/kingdom-hearts-birth-by-sleep-20080808022247241.html'><img src='http://pspmedia.ign.com/psp/image/article/897/897661/kingdom-hearts-birth-by-sleep-20080808022247241.jpg' alt='Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep...
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    weird picture i found in KH

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    weird picture i found in KH

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    i know there not the same i said similar
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    you didnt even get the real keyblade.
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    I got a little question why do the berserker nobodies weapon looks similar to terra's keyblade.
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    darkside twilight thorn

    who is darkside's orginal form and is twilight thorn darkside's nobody. please flame if u want but i just need to know.
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    xion question

    I have a question, does xion wield a fake version of the kingdom key without a keychain.
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    cloaked schemer

    in kh2 at the org.13 graves there was a grave that was completely destroyed called the cloaked schemer. Which org.13 member is this.
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    cloaked schemer

    in kh2 at the org.13 graves there was a grave that was completely destroyed called the cloaked schemer. Which org.13 member is this
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    I dont know if this has been brought up but i think that the dark soldier was once a friend of ven, terra, and aqua but was then possesed but master xenahort who said he would grant him power. then i predict right after the secret kh2fm secret ending an event that happened in kh1 when riku...
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    sora's necklace

    in kh2 riku is alway's pointing to sora's chain . why is he always doing that and what importance does sora's chain have.
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    cursed keyblade

    i dont know if this is in the right section but in the final battles with xemnas he says cursed keyblade. do you think that xenmas when he had a heart was sombody else in bbs and witnessed the destruction a keyblade wielder brought to many places and thats why he says cursed keyblade because of...