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    Mushroom Help

    I used the Ultimate Form against the MS shroom, but you will need some luck with him because if he is spinning around several times before you can attack him then your time will run out. YT's shroom fell to my Master Form, but he also took luck and a bit of time. For the mansion one, I got him...
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    Enigmatic Soldier (help)

    I don't notice any change in attack pattern when I am locked down, and have never seen these crystal things. He just comes at me with his usual attacks. But the problem is that he likes to lock me down just after his first series of desparation attacks, and then hit me some, and then go back...
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    Enigmatic Soldier (help)

    I am having the hardest time killing that thing. I can deal with the cheap blows and all the times he lands too far away from me to hit him, and even the damn lasers. But what is the best way to break from from that lock-down attack? The one where you have a flame above you and you can't...
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    Mushroom XIII #1

    There seems to be something missing, because I cannot make Mushroom #1 appear where all the help files say he should be. At this point, I have already beaten all the other mushrooms and almost all of the other mini-games; the only remaining mini-games I have are a few of the harder UnderDome...