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    its been a log time!

    hey i was on these forms about the time KH2 was the rave! but i've been gone for a looooong time and i need some of you members to help me out! WTH is going on in BBS.. not intrested with roxas.. just shout give me spoilers and ALL!
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    Kingdom Hearts II Online RPG

    YES! the whole Fight online will work the only thing that would mess it up if its on PS2 the Online experiance should be on PS3!! create your own character and choose between 3 styles Dark Light Twilight! I don't know about Sora's role in the game though....
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    The 100000000000th (or something like that) theory

    umm... well the hearts return to kingdom hearts as for the nobodys...i don't have a clue....
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    PS3 rumors?

    i have been hearing a crazy rumor that says in the FF7 remake sora will be there is this true? P.s i would of looked in the internet but i was too lazy
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    alternate ending

    crazy enough this is true....if you know what your doing :D
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    thats wierd

    shut up guy! u so damn full of SH1T man!!!! I didn't even know that
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    kh2 chaser hint?

    nobodies are the body AND soul heatless is the heart in darkness... the chasers are something new i guess...
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    Kh online: It's very possible. My thoughts

    i think this would be a great idea and could even explain the SPOILER(whole KEYBLADE WAR? and the 1 million keyblades)END SPOILER....
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    Ahhhh!!! Proud Mode?!

    well sir. i bought and playing this game on proud from the start because i wanted a run for my money.... and i don't regreat it :D
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    the speed tho this thing is crazy.....i can't even controll it....i could atleast do that whole dark bomb at the ground and i can't even do that!
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    AHHH!!!! it happened again!!!
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    Sry for asking but this whole Anti-form is great and all but theres got to be a way to use it at will! its pissing me off everytime i hit Master form i sometimes get this anti-form.....i know it happens at random bu there has to be a way the player can hit this form at will!
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 commercial

    Same here i was having after morning wood!
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    KH2 Advertisment

    this thing is huge in miami!!!
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    MTV's OverDrive Preview(Hear Sora's KH2 Voice)

    i just about everything....i don't wanna spoil the game but that was too much for me....i never knew sora was going to fight in DD/ASAS
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    MTV's OverDrive Preview(Hear Sora's KH2 Voice)

    i just saw that!!! i love mtv........
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    MTV's OverDrive Preview(Hear Sora's KH2 Voice)

    its in english!!!! Passion is now scdkjfk or whaterver it is!!!
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    How do i download the KH2's opening vid. onto my PSP?

    the psp has mp4 just like the ipod... what u do is download a program to turn videos to mp4's then make sure u have enough space on ur memory stick...
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    English KH2 official website

    don't FLAME plz ppl.... i know u people are going to do it but restrain! god kid run!
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    Sephiroth's role in KH2?

    yes the geats battle. Cloud Vs. Seth. i wounder does cloud team up with you and take that one wing moster out..even though i think cloud can finish it for himself......