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    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    Re: Is Org XIII really that BAD? Organization members themselves may not all be bad. However, the purpose of the Organization is bad, whether or not most of the members even know the final purpose or not is another issue.
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    This sorta made me change my opinion a little. I forgot how awesome the final battle was. :wink:
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    LOL, emo toddler :P That made me laugh
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    the sadess i felt bout xion

    Heh, Days was good fanservice, Maleficent coming back was bad fanservice! LOL DONT THINK ABOUT HER OR SHE'LL COME BACK LOLWUT??
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    the sadess i felt bout xion

    I too, was very sad when Xion passed. Bringing her back wouldn't do justice to her character. I could see them mentioning her or something to that effect. However, any way to bring her back as a main/supporting character seems silly to me. Fanservice is not always the best thing for a good story.
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    Playable Characters

    Sora or Roxas which is more powerful? (Of course ROxas has the dual keyblades in the comparison)
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    This is true. 10truths .
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    358/2 days

    Great game, so-so gameplay, and AWESOME storyline.
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    Possible but not probable especially since Ven is sorta like Roxas? Which will be in BBS.
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    Yes, Roxas as a main character wouldn't really work. Especially with Riku. It took a whole minute to get pissed at Riku, regardless of the situation. I can see te points being made about Sora but I dint know any optimist THAT happy al the time. Also, Roxas needs to be a bit more forgiving...
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    I agree with this. I'm not comparing KH2 between Days. I'm just comparing the characters as a whole, throughout all the games. I did point out that Days definitely reaffirmed my preference to Roxas as a main character. To compare them would be idiotic :dizzy:
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    This is what I mean. Despite the short attention Roxas has been given through the main games, he seems to be more of a developed character. I find Roxas' choices believable whereas Sora's are always the same.
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    I'm new to these forums so who is akuroku and yaoi? I just don't think them being more than friends would not be possible since Axel doesn't have a heart.
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    It IS Sora's story. I just prefer Roxas is all. Yes Sora can get angry I just feel like his character is forced to be super happy all Thr time.
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    Do you like the Panel System more than the regular way of getting stronger.

    I like the Panel System, however I hated swapping in upgraded tiles for old ones and rearranging everything. That got tedious for me.
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    Just battled you-know-who

    Nice title change. But even though it is in the spoiler section, the 'most recent posts' will show up the actual title. So ya, good job changing it.
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    When does it pick up?

    Yes, after the bridge scene I definitely got addicted to it until the finish. It really is one of the best KH stories so far.
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    Did Xion Do Justice To The Series? (spoilers)

    I would have to agree that Roxas had feelings for Xion. Same way Sora has feelings for Kairi. However, Xion and Roxas had more of a complicated relationship rather than just the 'childhood crush.' But Xion definitely did justice to the series. A character has never really 'died' in a way such as...
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    Just battled you-know-who

    Re: Just killed Xion I thought the 'Ice Cream' line was a little cheesy. However, I do agree with you, the ending to Days was so sad I actually almost did cry. I didn't find the story terribly confusing, but the end was a little out there for my taste. Kingdom Hearts had always been about...
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    I do agree that Roxas seems a bit stoned all the time. IDK, I guess Sora is just too cheery for the dark story that Days has. And I posted it in this section because some of the story elements of Days added to Roxas' character. So, my bad I guess