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    Mushroom Help

    Wisdom form is a good way to get lots of hits in a real short amount of time. that'd probabley be your best bet for the MS one. as for the others honestly you could get a good strategy from Mushroom XIII - Kingdom Hearts Insider
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    Yeah some theorys are that Terra somehow forgot who he was and the only name he remembered was Xehanort so thats how he ended up with the name. but eh who knows. :unsure:
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    I got a PSP just for this title im all antsy.
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    Captain Hook!

    are you playing through with Riku or Sora? He was easier with sora.
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    Whos is who

    Sora and Riku being friends and Roxas and Axel being friends is a really stupid way to make that assumption. I didnt know that Roxas wasnt allowed to have any other friends other then Rikus nobody. Its obvious that he is not Rikus nobody and they are only friends because out of the 13 members...
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    The Things I Never Got (About KH2)

    yeah well he wants to end up in the light but i think that twilight implys the place in between the dark and the light. I think that riku still sorta falls into that catagory. He fights for the light but he draws strength from the dark if anyone comes close it would be Riku.
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    Master Xehanort Pics

    his keyblade is not oblivion its much wider and has more detail then oblivion. UEM's keyblade is really big. It almost looks like a black ultima keyblade... almost but not really
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    The Things I Never Got (About KH2)

    Well in chain of memories Riku made it a point that he would use darkness to gain his strength but he fought for the light in his heart. so he chose a twilit road that uses the strength of both to aid him in his fight. so in a sence Riku is a good example of someone who uses the twilight in his...
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    A THIRD plot contradiction

    i agree with Azural you guys are trying to make it more complicated then it really is.
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    The Little Mermaid Musical

    Well the thing about atlantica that made it a good stage in KH1 was the fact that it has a 3 dementional fighting enviroment which was a welcome change of pace but in KH2 the musical scenes were a waste of time. I dont like the idea of a timeing based musical in my Kingdom hearts game.