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    Fanfiction ► Unnamed Story: Chapter One

    lol. The reason I didn't expand on him as much is because he isn't the main character. I designed the first chapter to grab the reader's attention. Get them hooked, basically. I admit, I am working on sprucing it up because I think it's short, but I don't want to get too detailed on the Guntlam...
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    Fanfiction ► Unnamed Story: Chapter One

    The mist swirled about the man’s feet as he passed through the path of the forest. The night was frigid yet the traveler took no notice. The moon hung overhead like a cold face staring down on the unkind world below it. Luckily, this happened to be an area of the world that did not yet feel the...
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    The Heartless Keybladers

    For years the worlds were left in peace after the mass heartless invasion. The keyblade weilders had aged and their keyblades left them. They no longer had the heart to fight. Instead, the keyblades devised their own plan. They could not allow peace to overweigh the termoil. Together they spread...
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    New Summons w/ Old Summons?

    Not spoilers? If you say so. Thanks. So those are all the new summons or all of the summons?
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    could sora be roxas? possible spoilers

    Hmm...Ansem. Xenmas. Sora. Roxas. Der der der.
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    kh2 for the psp

    Why have there been so many of these threads? To make KH2 for PSP would take a couple more years and by then they should (hopefully) be working on KH3.
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    New Summons w/ Old Summons?

    Yes there will be summons. The rest is a bit of a spoiler. I'm going to test how to make a spoiler then I'm going to edit my post to tell you of a couple new summons I know of. [EDIT]
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    Roxas voice actor

    Well, Sora and Roxas are pretty much exactly the same. Except for the hair of course, but that doesn't matter with vocals. At our school we have approximatly 9 pairs of exact twins. Every single one of their voices sounds pretty much exactly like their double. So, chances are, Sora and Roxas are...
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    Drive form, not like the first 1

    "GOING TURBO!!!!" Nah. I don't think that is it... >_>
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    does anyone know the memory card space

    Yeah...I should probably buy a new memory car too. O_O
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    "SPOILERS" Chasers???

    I think that any thread with the word "Spoilers" in its title should be in the "spoilers" section of this forum.
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    Yeah. Once you get spoiled over and over again, it starts to become less effective. You are no longer really aware you are being spoiled.
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    chicken little and stitch

    This is more of a spoiler type thing isn't it? -_- Most people don't even know they are supposed to be in KH2...
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    am i the only one getting the game when it comes out in the US?

    It has already been confirmed by SE that KH2 will "rock". XP
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    Drive fusions

    Obsessive use of the drive should do it according to Nomura.
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    I've seen about 5 different versions of "Everybody Hates Sora". I'm not sure if it is against the rules or not.
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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    I think I know what you are talking about. That is something called "Everybody Hates Sora". Those might be images but they aren't what they really say. At least I don't think so. They seemed to have some really stupid conversations...
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    kingdom hearts 2 japenese special

    Because it would most likely only be in Japan?
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    Kingdom Hearts II OST Cover Pic?

    Meh agree with Love Believer x. Preferably stuff that won't spoil but still look awsomeness.