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    Flashback? (358/2 Days)

    Hmm. I find this very interesting. I hope we get to see the six apprentices storylines as far as their backgrounds go. I also believe it'll be in BBS because MX is mostly mentioned in that game which is where the apprentices take place. Also, if it were in Days, it may contain flashback...
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    Hey! sorry haven't been here for awhile!! >< Shuriken, would it be alright if i had both of the pics u were talking about. Like when riku is a heartless (i think he just called him ansem?) and reagular KH2 pics of riku too!! Thankies soooo much!!! u rock!! ^.^
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    Thanks Shuriken for the great pics!!! I'm going to upload mine on photobucket soon i hope. whenever i get the chance to print the pics i took from TWTNW. they aren't the greatest...but they'll do i guess hehe ^^;; i wish i had better quality pics of riku T.T
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    high quality kh2 pictures

    If its not that much trouble, I would like Pics from TWTNW but only pics of riku and sora. thank you very much!! ^.^
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    kh2 chaser hint?

    hmmm...u never know. I mean u are right about the hinting part. mayb the chasers are the new enemy. a possible theory. nice thought! ^.^
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    The organization revived?!!?

    Thats interesting...good theory!!
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    Problem with mickey helping....

    Well when i did against Xaldin, Mickey helped me out and i got to use him. It was really good, but i had a hard time at first getting use to his moves. But its still pretty awesome! =D As for Demyx, It took me 5 times till i beat him and just keep using the reaction button on the little water...
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    Did you like Demyx?

    Demyx was awesome!! haha i liked him and i finally beat him =D yay me! haha XD anywho... i thought he was funny hehe "Dance Water Dance!" ^.^
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    Sanctuary~after the battle~, Anyone?

    I know!! i really want the full version!!! XDDD
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    Some stuff left out?

    Ya i noticed it to. Like the part in Mulan where you are about to face all the heartless Shan-Yu sends out at the Submit i think... There was a cutscene that was suppose to have mulan, goofy, and donald go and fight them with sora starting to but then a hooded unknown appears. Then he follows...
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    Sanctuary ~After the Battle~!!

    Wow!!! Great find TSK!!!!! I love it!!!!!! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDD I think it's wayyyyy better then the intro sanctuary!! ^.^ and once we get a better quality, it'll prove how great it is!! can't wait!!! -^.^-!!!! Thanks again! TSK YOU SOOOOO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U!!!!! =DD
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    Axel - What you Expected?

    I really like his voice. It shows the sarcastic side that i saw in KH:CoM. I think it was what i was expecting. His voice is great! ^.^
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    umm wasn't this posted b4?? and i thought everyone knew that already...i thought it was pretty obvious..=/ guess not...
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    skateboarding with sora?

    wow thats kool. That should be awesome. ^^
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    The Openinig Vid: did u see mickey on the steps with Riku???

    haha ya i guess ur right Sora_Ish_Mine! XD haha ya i 4got there were a few who haven't spoiled themselves at all!! XD that would b hard for me hehe ^^;;; Hey! dark ricku rocks is right!!! that is true...so it really isn't a spoiler after all!!! hah! XD
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    The Openinig Vid: did u see mickey on the steps with Riku???

    o.o;; i didn't think it was a spoiler either....but i guess we are wrong >.>... heh sorry..^.^;;
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    disney channel kingdom hearts 2 commercial?

    SERIOUSLY!!! i swear!!!! i've been watching for the past 3 days!!! and NOTHING!!!! grrr its really ticking me off b/c i mean come on It's DISNEY!!!!! HELLO!!!! stupid!!! grrr....o well...they better have SOMETHING for KH2 on t.v!! if they don't....thats really lame..lamer than lame...
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    The Openinig Vid: did u see mickey on the steps with Riku???

    Wow thats kool!!! i never knew that!! haha it is true though i just watch it and i saw him!! how kool!! =D
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    New Kh2 Trailer!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome find!!! way better quality then the gamestop one for sure!! ^^ nice job!!
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    Read This Quick!!!

    r u serious?! aww man that sux i thought it was on already T.T