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    anybody know where i can download the ost? not using a torrent....dont know what to do with that....
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    The rest of the Order's real name?

    what significance to the real names have? i mean its cool to know them...but what do they mean in the story?
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    8 gameplay pictures of the Anti Sora Form!! (the heartless one)

    wow...i cant wait to play with it....how exactly do you use it?
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    8 gameplay pictures of the Anti Sora Form!! (the heartless one)

    finally someone got some pics of it...ive been waiting....is it good?
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    Good Quality Video of Master Form Gameplay

    thank you...very cool
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    yeah im pretty sure this isnt the place for this....sorry..... does anyone have a picture of riku in a battle pose....and mickey in a battle pose too.... if this needs to be closed go ahead...
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    Xaldin's Kingdom Hearts II FAQ

    Re: Xaldin's Kinddom Hearts II FAQ xaldin did you say you are recording the game?....i wanna see more of the port royal level...anybody know where to find that?
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    i just beat kh2! i have proof

    ill give ya a cookie if ya tell me what all that says....
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    Some New Information (Spoilers)

    didnt someone say roxas has the fake charm that namine made for riku replica and sora?
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    i dont have kh2 yet but in the worlds you have already been to...do you have to seal the key hole? if so, wtf?
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    Some New Information (Spoilers)

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    *Spolier* more pictures of Roxas

    when are these cutscenes gonna be up?
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    An incredible missed opportunity...

    OMFG i must fight sephy with mickey....best fight ever...
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    i dont have it yet but....

    is this form weak...cause thats what it would seem...
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    Three Knights--spoiler Maybe

    what keyblades do they have? kingdom key, mickeys and whats the third?
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    i dont have it yet but....

    i really do not get the heartless/anti-sora form...can someone explain it? do you only get it if you over use the drive?
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    1. who is the egnigmatic man exactly? 2. who do you play as?(do you play as riku ever?) 3. has anyone got the fifth form? what does it look like and what does it do? 4. what is the real name of the silver/white form 5. how does drive work?
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    The Beginning Of The Game! (Possible Spoilers)

    i really hate this sh*t head.....it seems like he doesnt even really like the series....you should if your gonna review it.....
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    What member of the order will be the hardest or your favorite?

    im thinkin any and all that you fight are gonna be extremly hard..but engimatic man and axel will probably be the hardest....xaldin too.....the guy with the cards will be interesting......but riku and mickey will prolly kill at least one of them before sora does.....my fav? saix...gotta love the...