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    Mercenaries cheats

    hey does anyone know the mercinaries cheats for xbox? im at work right now and cant get to the cheat sites and look them up......stupid interweb blocker......
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    *raises hand* first to admit walking right by said blaring neon sign. Totally missed that one, i forgot we've heard sora's mom before...
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    who do you think is the best fighting style in Organization XII?

    I'd say my faves are roxas and xaldin, both mean bidness!
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days So Far

    lolz, thats probably the safest bet
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days So Far

    is "Xion" the confirmed or is everyone jumping the gun again?
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    Help/Support ► Need help telling ex to stop talking to me all the time

    shes an ex for a reason, rememeber that. you should just tell her to leave you be.