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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    when i get it, im gonna go to the counter, show my docket, give the money, take the game and the LE guide, get in the car, then scream in enjoyment and go crazy and shake the car. then i'll calm down. I'll go to the TV boot my sisters ( I'll scream, yell, cry and fight), and i'll start playing...
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    What Was Your Score On Balloon Bounce

    eshhhhhh big scores how much munney did u get??
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    a sleight is a certain card combo that can make sora attack in special ways eg. Sonic blade
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    1000 K Heartless... 3rd Time's the Charm

    by the video's i've seen, 1000 heartless seems simple, so wheni fight them im gonna use less reaction command and more front on assault
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    yeah true i think i want to first play on stanard and get EVERYTHING so that i hav finished the game 100% and i would get the secret ending knowing that i did alot of things just to get it
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    well good for u, im gonna wait till May-June cause waiting makes the game feel like it is gonna be better and better and better
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    Slide and Swap Magic Question

    ok u just wasted good money the disc u hav is NOT going to work on AUS ps2's cause Australian ps2's are on a PAL setting and i don't know wat setting ur disc is.. plus why did u buy an imported one??? can't u wait till atleast May26th-June 4th
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    FAV. KeyBlade

    mine, cause i think FFX-2 was cool, would be the Gullwing cause it looks kewl
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    lol i think its sad that some people hav to go to great lengths to get it imported and stuff, ahhh makes me cry
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    Sponser an Australian or Eurpean member

    i am hoping it'll come out in laye May early June, cause on Amazon.co.uk they say it'll come out May 26th for Uk
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    Last boss fight, never go back?

    i think the guide says that so that u can get the special ending
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    umm i think his heartless self disapeared?? i don't know
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    I finally beat the game!

    poopies, i still won't get KH2 till like June-July!! argh!?!?! i hate seeing these type threads where all u do is talk about the game, not like befor... remember?? good times, good times..
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    Okay, so I think there's one thing Squenix should've added...

    hey maybe the auidence is the GODS??? meh, anyhow, do u guys even know anything about FFVII:AC?? God come on like KH2 is like before AC and soo if u kill Seph, his genes get captured and cloned and wat not... well that my theoray
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    oi guys, i wonder if u know that each store holds the game for 48 hours, they just say it'll come tomorrow, but really they hav it. they hav 2 keep it so that they can do pricing, barcoding and stuff
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    Anti Form

    i think u can go into Anti form by using Drive too much
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    Finished Playing Kh 2 ??

    yea, theres something that happens TO Hollow Bastion, and after that, he sopossably disapears. well thats wat my friend said, he finished KH2 but he took it slow amd his also asain soo he got it before u and i played KH2, before U!!
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    Finished Playing Kh 2 ??

    lol i wouldn't be able to play it much cause mum doesn't like PS2 so she says only half an hour a day!!!
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    Finished Playing Kh 2 ??

    wat im gonna do is use my Guide and i will read it whilst playing which means it would be kinda slow, but i would also explore things on my own so that i don't skip anything. LOL when im gonna get the game all im gonna be thinking is.."should i open it, or shalln't i?? i've waited for this...
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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    hey the only thing is, is that if we chip our PS2 format, it won't come up on our TV's cause Australian TV's are in the PAL format, so chipping it would be a waste of time