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    Any Luxord Fans?

    the only thing i didn't like about luxord was his use of time. he didnt really use that element at all. i expected he would freeze time and speed it up or slow sora down or something
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    Any Luxord Fans?

    xaldin might not get too many stares if he didn't have those crazy ass sideburns!:toungesmile:
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    Any Luxord Fans?

    oh and Azerty i love your signature
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    Any Luxord Fans?

    luxord is my absolut fav. he's just soooooooo awsome he is the gansta of kingdom hearts those two are two of my favorite members. and besides werent you the one who siad you liked demyx? i agree. demyx was a little pansy. i mean who fights with water? well a good friend of mine really...
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    TAV's symbol?

    it looks like a heartless symbol i think nomura said something about the six apprentices meeting TAV and arent they the ones who made heartless and gave them their emblems? maybe they got the idea form TAV
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    Organization Members Names

    this is what i think xehanort-ansem xigbar-braig xaldin-dilan vexen-even lexaeus-aeleus zexion-ienzo siax-Ais(i really dont know)\ axel-ale demyx-myde(you never know) luxord-NO CLUE marluxia-lumaria larxene-ralene(its a common name) roxas-sora
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    twilight thorn

    i dont see what the big "mystery" is its a big nobody boss like all those giant heartless bosses we fought
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    Anagram for 'Master Xehanort'

    the second one is creative i love it
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    Whos Your Pick

    roxas he just seems cooler besides sora is kinda really acts like an 8 year old and is really goody-to-shoes roxas is more badass even if he does whine way too much
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    Mickey's Help

    correct. so basiclly most of the fights in beast castle, landof dragons,olympus colliseum, them one from agrahbah, port royal and TWTNW
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    How good is Coded going to be?

    i agree with you. knowing sqare they will probaly suprise us but i am still looking forward to coded the least out of the three games
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    Did Anybody Else See This?

    umm yeah its destiny islands pluto is on destiny island and so is ven whats so amazing?
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    KH 2 Final Mix +

    unfortonatly no but at least we're getting re:com:thumbsup:
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    Oraganization XIII- Favorite Fight

    xamnas(all forms exept for the stupid big bird thing) and xaldins was fun one u were at a high enough level
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    Xion "What If"

    i think so. it's a very likey possibility and i think that she will play an important role in kh3
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    Poor Namine.

    so is this just for chain of memories or 358/2 days as well?
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    Who´s the strongest?

    xaldin. no debate.
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    About Re:CoM

    i accindentally said no. i meant to put "probaly" not a whole bunch. just a few minor things
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    small question

    ok. srry. that was a stupid question. feel free to close this thread