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    Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Release date

    i'd play kh2fm+ over again for sure but what kinds of new stuff is in the game i've heard about the extended secret ending (where we get to see one of the Keyknights partially and/or completely uncovered) and CoM can someone fill me in on the rest that they heard
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    can someone give me a link with english episodes of bleach or ones with subtitles recorded on them thanks:D
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    kingdom hearts 2 for Xbox

    thats all i needed to know in a way im not pissed off thanks guys for clearing that up
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    kingdom hearts 2 for Xbox

    I read some where that tetsuya nomura was putting the KH series on Xbox and Xbox 360 personally for me thats not a bad thing because i have PS2 and 360 but what do you guys think. i read this on some gaming website p.s. dont i get rep power for posting new info and if this is not new then let...
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    where did the rest come from?????

    i know where the first five or so of the organizationcame from (i read it in wikipedia) and while playing the game (and watching axel) i couldnt help but wonder what was the force that infuenced his human form to become a heartless that created axel and the rest and what were their original...
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    Organization Names

    look up the organization on yahoo then click on the wikipedia site it will tell you most of their real names
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    best keyblades

    isnt Fenrir the strongest one or is it ultima weapon
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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    Diz was treating Roxas harshly even though he was not as evil as the other nobodies to me he didnt seem like he fit in with them
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    Kairi or Namine?

    i would take both if they where real and they wouldnt even find out about each other. yes i spit game that tight!!!
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    Favorite party member

    thats cool but i like auron best
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    For the people who have KH2

    that retarded how come they get theirs later
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    OMG!!! He still does it!!!

    in the first game it was easier because i could use cure more than once i had ultima weapon and aero so far i don't even know if they have aero in the 2nd game im only at the timeless river and cure uses all your mp in the kh2
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    up all night

    you guys are too krunk for me, i stayed up just to finish the roxas chapter
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    Not as fun as I suspected....

    you must be on crack.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    the game is great but i went through a hard time getting it first my mom told me i couldn't drive her truck (mines in the shop) then when she finally let me it was 8:00 pm and i had to drive halfway across town before the mall closed at 9 thankfully i got there at 8:50 (and im on my schools...
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    Keyblading school is in!!!

    Sora & riku have opened a keyblade school would you take off time from your own schooling if you were chosen and who do you think is the best teacher to teach you. I also have a few images to put below your favorite teacher if you don't like them cool with me but don't take them if you are not...
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    Where can I pre order or get the Limited edition strategy guide and if its out already where can i get it:D
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    so confused....

    go to game stop or eb games websites
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    Do you Think

    I heard the release date of the limited edition KH 2 strategy guide is coming out before the game why? doesnt that ruin the game for some of you because I like to play through the game first then look at the strategy guide when i replay. Or they should release it when the game comes out so no...
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    Blind Date

    If you were Kiari's father and you had to set her up on a Blind date to make her forget sora what would be the best choice and why stewie Griffin keyknightmaster1 darth vader doctor evil naruto an old bald hairy guy Huey freeman your grampa i dont know if this has been done before so give me...